Solar Bonds


Sidwell Friends School has teamed up with Common Cents Solar of Chevy Chase to install 120 solar panels on the roof of the Lower School Gym.

To offset the $200,000 price tag, members of the SFS community are invited to support the project by purchasing “solar bonds” in increments of $5,000 and earning a modest rate of return for an estimated 10 years. The investors can then donate the panels to the school and obtain a tax credit.

The school will purchase the solar-generated electricity at fixed rates that protect it against inflating energy costs. After the investors are repaid, Sidwell Friends will continue to enjoy solar energy at no cost for the rest of the expected 30-year life of the system.

The solar panels will offset approximately one million tons of greenhouse gases, reinforcing the school’s commitment to a reduced carbon footprint. Lower School students will be able to monitor energy production from computers linked to the system.

Meeting House Solar Output

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Lower School Solar Output

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