Long-Range Priorities

In 2009, the Sidwell Friends School Board of Trustees undertook an important initiative to chart a path for the future of the School, a path aimed at safeguarding the School's mission while defining a vision for Sidwell Friends School's healthy and vibrant future.

The School was guided by a central question: what must Sidwell Friends School do to ensure that its youngest entering students will be properly prepared for the dramatically changing world into which they will graduate in 2025? What intellectual know-how, academic knowledge, social awareness, character values and moral intelligence will be critical to meet the challenges of the year 2025 and beyond?

A set of queries was crafted to provide the framework for planning. These broad, thought-provoking questions served as the basis for conversations with faculty, parents, staff, alumni, students and others in the educational community. The result is the "The 2025 Challenge: The Long-Range Priorities." It is a blueprint for the future. It charts a bold direction, building on the overriding importance of preserving, renewing and extending Sidwell Friends School’s identity as a Quaker School. It is based on what the School believes is most critical for its students and recognizes the central role of its talented faculty and staff as the backbone of the School.

"The 2025 Challenge: The Long-Range Priorities" is a statement of direction. It fulfills one of the Board's most important responsibilities. The next phase, under the leadership of the administration and faculty, is to develop concrete plans that will turn these priorities into decisive actions that will lead to concrete results. Click here to view the pdf.