Criteria for Athletic Letter Awards

Varsity Letters

Varsity Letter Awards will be made at the discretion of the coach based on the following criteria:
1. Amount of participation in interscholastic contests
2. Attitude
3. Effort
4. Skill
5. Seniors who have been a part of the program for more than one year
6. Team manager
7. Overall contribution to the team

Note: No athlete will be presented with the actual letter award more than once. Varsity athletes will also receive the pin for their sport in the first year and a bar in successive years.

Team and Individual Awards

The Athletic Department recognizes outstanding athletic achievement at its end of year award ceremonies. The athletes that have had exceptional experiences are eligible for several types of awards.

Sidwell Friends Athletic Awards

This award is the highest honor presented to one member of each varsity team. The Sidwell Friends Athletic Award is determined by the Head Varsity Coach, and recognizes outstanding achievement, sportsmanship, and total contribution to the success of the team.

Coach's Award

This award allows a coach to give an additional award recognizing whatever he or she chooses, be it  most improved, greatest effort, etc.

Junior Varsity Awards

The same two awards are presented to members of each junior varsity team, also at the end of the year awards ceremony. *These awards are also given to the Freshman boys’ basketball team.

Middle School Athletic Awards

At the end of each season, there will be an awards assembly to recognize the efforts of all the Middle School athletes and teams. One award will be presented to a member of each team. The Middle School awards for each team are the same as the varsity awards described above.

Individual Awards

At the Spring End of Season Awards Evening there are several major awards presented recognizing career achievements.

6 Letter Awards: Presented at the end of the year to students who have earned six or more varsity letters in their SFS athletic careers.

9 Letter Awards: Presented at the end of the year to students who have earned nine or more varsity letters in their SFS athletic careers.

Unsung Award: The Unsung Hero Awards are presented annually to a senior girl and boy for contributions that might otherwise go unrecognized. The recipients of this award by virtue of their presence, participation, dedication and enthusiasm have significantly enriched the Sidwell Friends Athletic Program.

Tyler Rusch Awards: Presented to a senior boy and girl. They are awarded to student athletes that have significantly enriched the Sidwell Friends School Athletic Program through motivational leadership, steadfast participation, dedication to teamwork, enthusiasm and an all-out effort in athletic competition.

Wannan and Fine Awards: Presented each year at the awards assembly to a male and a female athlete in the senior class who, by consensus of the Physical Education Department, deserve our recognition for their: athletic talent, leadership and dedication, sportsmanship, broad participation and interest, and involvement in all aspects of school life.

In addition, both the M.A.C. and I.S.L. select All-League Teams in every sport. Recipients are honored with a certificate at their End of Season Awards Evenings.