Physical Education

The Sidwell Friends Physical Education program is a part of the overall Pre-K through 12 required curriculum. The Lower School Physical Education program focuses on progressive skill building, motor development and teamwork.  This program offers a variety of individual and team activities designed to promote an appreciation for fitness.  The program is taught by two full-time PE teachers and features a 7,000 square-foot gymnasium built in 2010.

The fifth and sixth grade program provides an overview of our seventh and eighth grade interscholastic sports offerings, fitness assessments and a health unit.  Each student participates in twelve different three-to-four week sport units.  The classes of sixteen students are divided by grade level and are taught by full-time physical education faculty.  Our program offers a variety of sports experiences with an emphasis on skill development, discipline, sportsmanship and a healthy respect for physical activity.

The seventh and eighth grade program focuses on skill development, game strategies, teamwork, discipline, commitment and sportsmanship and introduces interscholastic competition.  For each season (fall, winter, spring), the students may participate on one team or take a dance class that culminates in a performance.  Overall, the physical education opportunities emphasize the improvement of physical fitness levels while improving specific sports skills in practice and game settings.

The Upper School program provides opportunities for students to develop individual fitness and sports skills through a variety of activities including team and individual sports.  Our program also offers a health class and some non-traditional fitness activities such as yoga.  Dance is part of both the physical education and the arts curriculum. The core of our program is the sequential lifetime fitness classes that emphasize an appreciation and desire for physical training and fitness as a lifetime goal.  These classes are supported by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and our new state of the art weight room and training center.

Each season, in both Middle and Upper School, at least one sport for boys and one for girls does not have a roster cap. If a student does not make a team in his or her sport of choice, an opportunity is still afforded the student to join an interscholastic team. In selected sports where space and participation opportunities are limiting factors, roster caps are placed in order to limit these team rosters to realistic numbers.