When Call Us Friends began, Sidwell Friends School's endowment of $34 million was one of the smallest, on a per-student basis, of its local and international peer schools. Call Us Friends called for the School to add $10 million to its endowment by the end of the campaign—an achievement that put SFS on a path to greater financial stability and flexibility.

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By the time Call Us Friends surpassed its $56 million goal in 2008, the endowment stood at $47 million. Although the financial downturn that followed took its toll, SFS's endowment as of June 30, 2011 totaled $44 million—and it continues to recover.

Today, the endowment includes 148 distinct endowed funds, 21 of which were added during Call Us Friends. Established by parents, alumni, and friends of the School, the endowed funds operate in perpetuity and afford Sidwell Friends the flexibility to meet and adapt to the needs of its students and programs. They support financial aid, faculty salaries, community service initiatives, the visual and performing arts, athletics, and the School's general operating expenses. Endowed funds make it possible to assist students with tuition and other expenses, honor the work of outstanding teachers, and enhance programs across SFS's curriculum.

Perhaps most important, a strong endowment supplements tuition revenue and offsets tuition dependence. As we look to the future and consider the implications of rising tuition costs, the endowment will play a vital role in ensuring that Sidwell Friends School remains a vibrant, diverse, and inspiring place of learning.

We are deeply grateful to those donors of endowed funds whose generosity has laid the foundation for excellence at Sidwell Friends, now and in the years to come.

Endowed Funds

The Adler Family Fund
The Greta J. Anderson '86 Scholarship Fund
The Anonymous #1 Fund
The H. T. and E. K. Austern Fund
The Banks Family Fund for Faculty
The Frank Barger Faculty Chair Fund
The Berler Family Scholarship Fund
The Berman Tutoring Fund
The Adam K. Bernstein '81 and Alison Bernstein Shulman '83 Scholarship Fund
The Diane and Norman Bernstein Family Scholarship Fund
The Edith and Edward Bernstein Family Fund for Faculty Development
The Edith and Edward Bernstein Scholarship Fund
The Lisa and Joshua B. Bernstein '81 Scholarship Fund
The Lisa and Joshua B. Bernstein '81 Family Scholarship Fund
The Boochever Family Scholarship Fund

The Board of Trustees Fund for Faculty Salaries
The Ralph R. Boyer Fund for International Peace
The Bralove Family Scholarship Fund
The Paul Vernon Carrier Scholarship Fund
The Dora Chao, M.D. Fund for Chinese Studies
The Frances Cleaver Fund for the Musical Arts
The William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship Fund

The Saul Z. Cohen Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Edwin I. and Nancy Dessoff Colodny '56 Family Middle Income Scholarship Fund
The Edwin I. and Nancy Dessoff Colodny '56 Family Faculty Fund

The Community Service Fund
The Kim Coville '48 Scholarship Fund
The Harold Curtiss, Jr. Memorial Fund
The Alice Dater Faculty Chair Fund
The Helen Towner Davison Scholarship Fund
The Jennifer Johnston Davison '66 and Robert Virgil Davison Memorial Fund
The Anindya Dehejia '78 Fellows Program Fund
The David F. DeMarco '76 Scientific Library Collection Fund
The Jean Peterson Diffenbaugh Enrichment Fund
The Clarence Dodge, Jr. '32 Student Investment Fund
The Dozoretz Family Scholarship Fund
The Janice Drummond Fund
The Mark Watson Eager '74 Memorial Fund
The Eakin Family Fund
The Lois Hechinger England '43 and Richard England Faculty Chair Fund
The Harold A. and Lorraine W. Eskew Memorial Fund
The Faculty Salary Fund
The Faculty and Staff Support Fund
The Carolyn R. Fawcett Book Fund
The Amy Weston Firfer '41 Memorial Fund
The Ellen Kelly Follon '29 Memorial Fund
The Edward E. Ford Endowments
The Allie S. and Frances W. Freed Foundation Fund
The Friends Middle Income Scholarship Fund
The Friends Stand Up Faculty Salary Fund
The Friends Stand Up Financial Aid Fund
The General Endowment
The Robert C. Goen '71 Basketball Coaching Fund
The Goldberg Family Fund
The Richard W. Goldman Endowment Fund
The Susan Sachs Goldman Faculty Development Fund
The Gordon Family Scholarship Fund
The Albert A. Gore, Jr. Scholarship Fund
The Gottscho Environmental Stewardship Fund
The Anthony and Mildred Gould Faculty Salary Fund
The Samuel A. Guttentag Memorial Fund
The Amy Halpert '93 and Sarah Halpert '95 Family Fund
The Earl G. Harrison, Jr. Learning Fund
The William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Fund
The Deborah Smith Hechinger '68 and John W. Hechinger, Jr. '68 Fund
The Hechinger Foundation Fund
The Holderness Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Shelley and Allan Holt Family Fund for Faculty Development
The Head of School's Discretionary Fund
The Hutt Family Fund
The Maybelle C. Imhoff Scholarship Fund
The Independence Foundation Scholarship Fund
The Lilian Grosvenor Jones '25 Fund
The Kendall-Laybourne Fund
The Francis K. Kernan Scholarship Fund
The Bonnie Susan Kiplinger '56 Scholarship Fund
The Arlene and Robert Kogod Fund
The John and Patricia Koskinen Scholarship Fund
The Kovler Family Athletic Director's Discretionary Fund
The Margaret Weaver Krull '70 and Gary L. Krull Fund
The Kugelman Family Fund
The Vivienne and Malcolm Lassman Scholarship Fund
The Library Fund
The Richard Lodish Lower School Principal's Fund
The Stacey and Gregory Lubar '88 Faculty Salary Fund
The Dess Mackay Fund
The Mann-Paller Scholarship Fund
The Mathematics Fund
The Mathematics and Science Endowment
The Timothy S. Mayer '62 Memorial Fund
The Arthur V. Meigs '29 Memorial Fund
The Millennium Scholarship Book Fund
The Minority Scholarship Fund
The Morgan and Karam Family Endowment Fund
The Newlin Family Scholarship Fund
The Newman Fund for Faculty
The Virginia W. and James M. Newmyer '37 Fund
The Clarence F. Norment III '42 Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Oaklawn Foundation Scholarship Fund
The Elaine M. O'Regan Faculty and Staff Scholarship Fund
The Ottaway Family Scholarship Fund
The Parsky Family Scholarship Fund
The Barbara Patterson Black Student Fund Scholarship Fund
The Peace Studies Fund
The David P. Pearson '52 Faculty Support Fund
The Stephanie M. Phillipps and George E. Murray Fund
The Marty Pinson Memorial Fund
The Posner Family Scholarship Fund
The Powell Family Fund
The Press Family Fund for Faculty
The Raines Family Black Student Fund Scholarship Fund
The Catherine Meyers Randolph '54 and F. F. Randolph, Jr. Media Fund
The Reader's Digest Scholarship Fund
The John B. Reeside IV '65 Scholarship Fund
The Saul Ritzenberg Memorial Fund
The Daryl Reich Rubenstein Art Gallery Fund
The Rubenstein Gallery Fund
The James and Betty Sams Family Fund
The George Sattlethight Memorial Fund
The Diane Scattergood Faculty Fund
The Victor Schinnerer Faculty Fund
The Mari Schleuning Scholarship Fund
The Scholarship Fund
The Curt and Gertrude Schuelein Memorial Fund
The Robert A. and Betty M. Schulman Scholarship Fund
The James D. Senger Faculty Fund
The Sidwell Friends Community Service Endowment
The Sherburne-Van Heuvelen Family Fund
The Elizabeth Tyree Shutack '18 Scholarship Fund
The Shutack Family Fund
The Thomas W. Sidwell Scholarship Fund
The Robert Sivard Memorial Fund
The Bruce B. Stewart Fund for Faculty Support
The Leslie M. Strathmann Memorial Faculty Fund
The Sami Khatib Suleiman Endowment
The Supervia Spanish Program Fund
The Willie Thomas Football Fund
The Ulwick Family Fund
The Upper School Principal's Discretionary Fund
The Vine Family Fund for Financial Aid
The Virginia White Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Ellis T. Williams Trustee Fund
The Woodruff-Hunt Family Fund
The Michael Woods Faculty Fund
The Walter Wright III '49 Family Fund
The Mei Xu Cultural Exchange Fund

The Yoskowitz Family Scholarship Fund
The John Fisher Zeidman '79 Chinese Studies Fund


Endowed funds in bold were established during the Call Us Friends Campaign.