Lower School

Lower School provides an academically challenging curriculum with flexibility to meet the needs of individual students. The faculty works to instill a feeling of self-worth and self-confidence in each student while also requiring that he or she recognize the needs of others. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal with a balance between freedom and discipline.

The program is geared to the mastery of basic language arts and mathematical skills and encourages individual creative expression. Teachers use a thematic approach to learning which gives students an understanding of the relationship between disciplines. Scientific and artistic exploration as well as physical activity are important parts of the curriculum. The computer is used to enhance the teaching of many subjects. Students often visit the wider community on field trips and for service projects.

Quaker testimonies and values permeate every aspect of the curriculum. Students gather for weekly silent Quaker Meetings in the Meeting House and in classrooms. Writing and considering monthly queries are important parts of Quaker education. Ongoing community service within the school and beyond continues throughout the year.

All classes have team teachers. Individual class sizes rangefrom one teacher for every ten students to one teacher for every twelvestudents during both the homeroom academics and the specials' classes.

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This Month's Quaker Query

“As the flowers bloom, how can we inspire others by showing them that kindness wins?”1Z

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Lower School Administration

Shereen Beydoun, Principal

Liz Stoneham, Assistant to the Principal

Camille Wheeler, Healthcare Coordinator/Attendance

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