2016: Summer Reading Lists:

Rising First Grade Students 

Rising Second Grade Students 

Rising Third Grade Students 

Rising Fourth Grade Students 

At Lower School, students come to the library once a week and are introduced to new "friends" and reacquainted with old ones. By hearing stories read and told, checking out books, putting on puppet shows, participating in reader's theatre, and making book-related crafts, children have many opportunities to discover new worlds through books and develop a passion for reading that will last "to-day and for ever."

The mission of all three libraries at Sidwell Friends School is to enrich the intellectual life of the school. Our libraries provide an organized collection of resources, as well as instruction in the use of these materials. In addition to encouraging a "reading habit," the Lower School Library's instructional program enables students to begin developing the skills they will need in an information-rich world.

Checkout Policy

How many books can my child check out at a time?

PK-1st grade: 1 book

2nd grade: 2 books

3rd grade: 3 books

4th grade: 4 books

When are the books due?

Students in PK have the books for one week

Students in K-4 have the books for two weeks

When may my child check out books?

There are many times during the week that a child may check out a book—during weekly library class, each morning from 8:00-8:30 a.m., and on those wet or snowy days when we have indoor recess. Teachers may also send older students to the library individually or in small groups on non-library days to check out books on their own.

What happens if a book is overdue?

A student must return his/her overdue book before checking out another one. During check out time, I encourage students who may not take home a book to still select one. I hold it for the student behind my desk so that when the student returns the overdue book (usually the next morning), the new book is ready to be checked out. I do not charge overdue fines.

What happens if we think a book is lost?

If a book is lost, a family may either replace the book with an identical copy from a bookstore or may pay for the book and I will order a replacement copy. Once the book has been reported as lost, a child may begin checking out books again.

Questions or concerns?

Please call 202-537-6915, or e-mail


Parents help in many different ways at the library—from shelving books, working the circulation desk, and helping with new book processing, to helping prepare bibliographies. Interested in becoming a library volunteer? Please contact Angela Smith at 202-537-6915 or e-mail

Student Resources and Activities

A good book is the best of friends, the same to-day and for ever.

Martin Farquhar Tupper, 1810-1889