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MS After School Program

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The After School program will take place in the Middle School 5/6 Art Room on the first floor. Pick-up will be from the Middle School.  During the 1 hour Study Hall time, individual and group workrooms will be available to facilitate productive homework time.  Participants will have supervised access to the Computer Lab on a daily basis.

For the 2014-2015 school year, the fee for the MS After School program will be $2800.

All Aftercare applications should be completed using our online system. To register online, please click the "Register Now" link on the right side of this page. Questions about the online application should be directed to the Auxiliary Programs Office at 202-537-8133.

  • Students currently receiving Financial Aid may apply for assistance for the After School program.
  • MS Students may "drop-in" at a rate of $25/day.  In order to be eligible for drop-in, guardians must complete the online drop-in registration by clicking the "Register Now" link above.  Guardians must call (202) 537-8403 (or 202-537-8133) or email ahead of time to reserve a drop-in spot.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday After School Program Schedule:

  • 3:50 to 4:00 Group Meeting
  • 4:00 to 4:45 Homework Block
  • 4:45 to 6:00 Games & Activities, Optional Homework Time

Tuesday After School Program Schedule:

  • 2:25-2:35 Group Meeting
  • 2:35   Homework Block
  • 3:35 to 6:00 Games & Activities, Optional Homework Time

Friday After School Program Schedule:

  • 3:50-4:00 Group Meeting
  • 4:00 to 6:00 Games & Activities

Late Pick up Policy

Participants must be picked up by 6pm or a late fee at a rate of $6 for each five minutes will be charged.

Rules and Regulations for ALL After-School Participants:

  1. Daily check-in time with the supervisors of the program is by 3:45pm (2:45pm on Tuesday), unless the student arrives with a valid written excuse.
  2. No student is permitted to wander around in the Middle School building after 3:45pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and 2:45pm Tuesdays.  Please double check that you have all books and materials needed for Study Hall because you may not go back to retrieve them.
  3. There will be Study Hall every day except for Fridays and special occasions.  Therefore, please come prepared to do homework, or if you have no homework, you must bring a book to read.
  4. All students must ask for permission if they are going ANYWHERE outside of the program area and then must write the location next to their name on the sign-in sheet so that all supervisors can be accountable for all students.
  5. It is Sidwell Friends School policy that students are not permitted to leave campus while under the supervision of Sidwell Friends staff.
  6. No student is allowed outside after having signed-in with After School WITHOUT supervision.
  7. Any student who has permission from their parents to sign out on their own needs to bring this in writing prior to doing so.


MS After School Program Drop Ins


MS After School Program also offers a Drop-In Program for families with an occasional need for After School Program.  Requests for Drop-Ins must be made at least 24 hours in advance since there is limited space available based on daily Aftercare enrollment and staff, you must receive confirmation that space is available.

PLEASE NOTE: Families must complete the online Aftercare Drop-in Program registration prior to requesting a drop-in. Click the "Register Now" link above to complete the application.

SFS Shuttle Information

Sidwell Friends contracts with an independent bus company to provide shuttle service between the Lower and Middle/Upper School campuses. To register for the shuttle bus please click the "Register Now" link at the right side of the page. The annual cost for ridership will be $850 for one way, and $1250 for round trip. Any questions about the shuttle bus should be directed to the Auxiliary Programs Office at 202-537-8133. Shuttle bus departure times are as follows:

 7:20 AM Depart Lower School

 7:45 AM Arrive Upper School

 7:50 AM Depart Upper School  

 8:15 AM Arrive Lower School

 3:20 PM Depart Lower School

 3:40 PM Arrive Upper School

 3:50 PM Depart Upper School

 4:10 PM Arrive Lower School


2:05 PM Depart Lower School
2:25 PM Arrive Upper School
2:35 PM Depart Upper School
2:55 PM Arrive Lower School  


Robotics- Grades 4-5 4:00-5:30 $400 

Two Robotics Teams will collaborate to create robots and solve challenges with the goal of attending a scrimmage with local independent school teams. There will be an emphasis on teamwork, engineering, and programming. In order to apply for the Fall Robotics program, students must be rising 4th and 5th graders. Previous Robotics experience is strongly encouraged as this will not be a beginner program. 5th Graders enrolled in the program will have the option to ride the shuttle bus from the MS to LS and will then be directed to join up with the program when they arrive on the LS campus. Registration is limited to 16 students and will be first come-first served. Please click the link above to complete the online application. To register for Grade 4-5 Robotics, please select LOWER SCHOOL then LS SPARC options to sign up for the program. Grade 4-5 Robotics will not appear under MS SPARC options.

Robotics- Grades 6-8  3:45-5:00 $400

Students will collaborate to build virtual and real robots using a variety of hardware and software platforms. Taught with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)  principles in mind, students will learn the design, technical and interpersonal skills needed for introductory/intermediate robotics building and have the opportunity to build a robot of their very own.  In order to apply for the Fall Robotics program, students must be rising 6th-8th graders. Previous Robotics experience is not required. Beginners are welcomed and encouraged.  Registration is limited  and will be first come-first served. Please click the link above to complete the online application.

Contact MS After School Program

Phone: 202-537-8402 



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