Middle School

The Middle School at Sidwell Friends is a lively and exciting place. A challenging academic program is coupled with built-in periods of quiet reflection and exploration of our Quaker traditions. Teachers are passionate about what they teach and get to know their students well as individual learners and people as they encourage discussion and hear student voices.

Philosophically, the Middle School seeks to develop students in the following ways:

Middle school is a key period of individual growth and identity development. Students in grades 5 through 8 are beginning to discover their talents, interests, learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. They are in the process of forming values and making choices that will define them into adulthood. They are eager for, and increasingly ready for, greater autonomy and independence. The Sidwell Friends Middle School encourages the growth of students as individuals.

At the same time that middle school children are beginning to define themselves as individuals, they are also exploring how they fit into a larger group. Peer relationships become increasingly important to them. They also seek to develop meaningful interactions with adults, including teachers, coaches, and advisors. The Sidwell Friends Middle School encourages students to become critically aware of their roles and responsibilities as members of the school community.

With adolescence comes a more complex awareness of and curiosity about the world at large. Middle school students are becoming ready to use abstract reasoning to ask questions, solve problems, see relationships, and make inferences. They are also eager to investigate and engage with the world in meaningful ways. The Sidwell Friends Middle School encourages students to become thoughtful global citizens.

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Middle School News

  • Maximum Enjoyment during Minimester

    Posted March 23

    Learning comes alive as Middle Schoolers leave the classroom behind for SFS’s annual week of deep-dive, experiential learning.

  • A Hot Topic

    Posted March 13

    An EPA scientist discussed the realities behind global warming with 8th graders.

  • Inspired by MLK

    Posted January 18

    SFS students help the homeless on the second annual MLK Day of Service

P.E. Uniforms

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This Week's Quaker Query

"How do we keep the peace?" 7th Grade Quakerism and
the Arts Students

Middle School Administration

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