MS Laptop Program


  • Laptop Pilot Successful; Laptop Program Approved for Continued Implementation

    Posted January 19

    We are pleased to announce that the Administrative Council has approved our laptop pilot for continued implementation due to the success of our multi-year laptop pilot program. As a result, all 6th through 8th grade students were issued new Lenovo laptops at the beginning of the 2011-12 school year. The Lenovo brand was selected because of its sturdiness and reliability record in 1-to-1 laptop programs. Students were also issued a new laptop bag specifically designed for their laptop model. To get acquainted with the new devices, all students attended a laptop training and set up session in September 2011 presented by the Middle School Academic Technology Director and the IT staff. In addition, students are able to request training sessions during break periods as needed.

  • Laptop Pilot Extended to Third Year

    Posted May 19

    We are pleased to announce that the Administrative Council has approved the extension of the laptop pilot for next year. All 6th through 8th grade students will be issued new Asus tablet netbooks. The new computer will be much smaller and lighter than the current 7th grade model yet with a larger screen and keyboard than the current 6th grade model. Computers will be stored in protective sleeves and carried in backpacks, eliminating the need to carry an extra bag. To get acquainted with the new machines, all students, along with one parent, will be required to attend a three-hour training session during the summer. The computers will be issued during these training sessions and multiple topics, including responsible use, will be covered. Numerous training times will be available starting in August as well as before school begins in September. Look for an online registration soon. All 6th and 7th graders will be turning in their current laptops at the end of the year. Students should turn in the computer, the bag, the power brick, and the stylus. Students will be charged for missing items in accordance with the Acceptable Use Agreement that students and parents signed at the beginning of the year.


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