Our Connected Curriculum

The technology curriculum in the Middle School combines academic and creative computing skills with instruction and reflection on responsible use and digital citizenship. Our goal is to foster students’ computational literacy and creativity as we help them to become responsible digital citizens of our community. Students in grades 6-8 are issued laptops for use at both home and school at the beginning of the school year. Fifth grade students are issued laptops for in-school use.

Students are enrolled in formal technology classes in grades 5 and 6. In grade 5, students focus on the introductory computing skills needed for them to participate our one-to-one laptop program, age-appropriate responsible use topics and an interdisciplinary technology project where they gain in-depth experience with a specific technology.

In grade 6, students refine their academic computing skills and explore emerging technologies through classroom projects assigned by their subject area teachers. Students deepen their understanding of systems design, project management, and computational thinking as well as what it means to be a digital citizen.

Technology instruction for grades 7 and 8 follow an embedded model where teachers emphasize real-world connections between technology and students’ subject areas through classroom discussions, projects, and field trips. Students are encouraged to design projects using technology with greater levels of independence, creative expression and technical ability.


Students are also able to gain hands-on experience in technology through afterschool and extracurricular clubs and activities in robotics, coding, app design and e-textiles

Our Vision

The Sidwell Friends School Vision for Technology was developed with the belief that the proper use of technology can add immeasurably to the learning experience of each student, improve student achievement, facilitate teaching and learning, and reinforce the school's commitment to the environment.  We encourage our students to use technology in ways, consistent with the ethical and moral standards of the School and the larger community, that underscore the words contained in the Sidwell Friends School Philosophy.  In particular, we believe that the appropriate use of technology can enhance the "rich and rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum," provide ways for our students "to stimulate creative inquiry, intellectual achievement and independent thinking in a world increasingly without borders.