Advancing Friends

The Impact of Philanthropy at Sidwell Friends

Sidwell Friends alumni are changing the world. Literally. They are scientists, athletes, musicians, authors, inventors, artists, thinkers, innovators, teachers, and leaders. They are global, they are out there letting their lives speak, and they support Sidwell Friends.

The stories below share the ways that giving to Sidwell Friends changes the world. From the athletic field and the science lab to the photography darkroom and the wetlands outdoor classroom, philanthropy makes this unique programming possible.

Thank you to the generous donors and program sponsors who make this work possible:

  • Venture Grant Program:
    • The H. T. and E. K. Austern Fund
    • The Susan Sachs Goldman Faculty Development Fund
    • The Shelley and Allan Holt Family Fund for Faculty Development
    • The Morgan and Karam Family Fund
    • The Press Family Fund for Faculty
    • The Faculty Enrichment Endowed Fund
  • The Christopher Ma Fund for Interdisciplinary Studies
  • The Daryl Reich Rubenstein Art Gallery Fund
  • The Trustee Term Fund
  • The Josh Wolman Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching

    Through the support of a faculty venture grant, fourth grade teachers were able to travel to China, bringing their experiences back to the classroom.

  • An interdisciplinary approach to the importance of water in ancient China

    Through the support of a Venture Grant, Lower School teachers collaborated to create an interdisciplinary unit focused on the importance of water in China.

  • Why I Support Sidwell Friends

    I believe the environment produces adults that will go off into the 21st century and really make a difference in improving people’s lives. That’s why I support Sidwell Friends.

  • Upper School Math and Statistics Integration

    As a result of a Venture Grant, students are taking an intuitive, applied approach to the study of statistics. They are working directly in the context of their science course to interpret, analyze, and make appropriate inferences from real data in their science labs.

  • About the John Fisher Zeidman '79 Chinese Studies Program

    John Fisher Zeidman’s love of China and his time there inspired his family to create an endowed Chinese Studies program, the first of its kind in the country. Their goal is to provide interested Upper School students exposure to Chinese language and history.

  • Reducing the distance in Uruguay

    Through the support of a Venture Grant, Sidwell Friends Upper School history teacher Gail Krotky launches a new for-credit summer course abroad in Uruguay.

    What did you do on your summer vacation?

    A group of Upper School students spent three weeks continuing their history studies by enrolling in the Uruguay Summer Study course Redefining Latin America in the 21st Century, a new for-credit summer abroad class offered by Sidwell Friends. You can read more on the course blog.

    Upper School history teacher Gail Krotky conceived of this class, made possible by a Venture Grant, to enhance learning by experiencing the country, culture, and people first hand. Her aim was to “reduce the distance” and understand the country through the lens of its people.

    “Knowledge from individual voices is as rich as a textbook,” Gail passionately explains.

    “This experience allowed me to take everything I’d learned about Latin America throughout the year and apply it to real people and places. I gained insights into concepts that are relevant worldwide, including human rights, progress, and democracy.”

    – Emma Walsh-Alker ’16

  • "Creating Innovators" with Tony Wagner

    Sponsored by The Christopher Ma Fund for Interdisciplinary Studies and The Trustees Term Fund.

  • Experiential learning: China Fieldwork Semester

    A summer Venture Grant enabled many teachers to collaborate to develop this CFS opportunity for students.

    China Fieldwork Semester was developed with support from a Venture Grant. This intensive, project-based student research program in Xizhou, Yunnan Province, is one in which students work together in a research “collaboratory” housed in a historic residential facility.

    “We want CFS to provoke a deeper, more mindful encounter with a different culture, one that would challenge our preconceptions and force us to think differently about ourselves and our place in the world.”

    — John Flower, Faculty and Director, Zeidman Chinese Studies Program

    Read more from the students by visiting the blog.

  • Daryl Reich Rubenstein Gallery and Guest Artist Program

    Hitting the high notes and keeping the arts on display at Sidwell Friends since 1981.

  • Seeking diversity in library collections

    A Venture Grant enabled 11 teachers to pursue normalizing diversity by expanding literature choices.

  • Bringing Africa to the classroom

    "A simple, three-week visit completely transformed the way I teach the material, thanks to a Venture Grant."

  • Redesigning the Upper School Chinese Curriculum

    Developing the Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) curriculum with the support of a Venture Grant.

  • Volunteering at the Next-to-New Sale

    More than 250 volunteers make this community event possible. All proceeds benefit student financial aid.

  • The Josh Wolman Endowed Scholarship Fund

    Sponsored by Diane and Michael Sapir.

  • Middle School minimester planning - China trek

    Started in 2005, the China minimester trek adds some modern aspects thanks to a Venture Grant.