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The China Fieldwork Semester is an intensive project-based student research program in Xizhou, Yunnan. The program consists of a group of 11th and 12th grade students from Sidwell Friends and other US schools. Students work together in a research “collaboratory” housed in a historic residential facility.

Blog content shared here is a selection from personal reflections by students and faculty. Click here to see a video created by the students discussing their experiences. 

This is the third year the China Fieldwork Semester program has run. To read previous year's blogs, please click here.  

  • Apprenticeships

    Posted: Thursday, April 14
    by Alana Barry '17

    March has begun, and with it, so has the apprenticeship portion of our program! About two weeks ago, the CFS students split into groups of one or two and began to apprentice with different masters in the Xizhou area as part of our current Work unit.

  • Homestay

    Posted: Wednesday, March 16
    by Emanuele Lusso '16

    This year’s CFS group is trying something new. While in Xizhou, students bike to a nearby village every Saturday morning in three groups of three for “homestay,” where they visit with host families and use Chinese to communicate. Students spend all of Saturday with their host families, sleep at their house, and return to Yang Zhuo Ran (CFS compound) the following morning

  • Temple Projects

    Posted: Monday, February 22
    by Nikhil Haksar '17

    Last week we visited several local temples in order to learn how to approach studying a temple, and we began our temple projects.

  • Arriving in Beijing and exploring feng shui.

    Posted: Wednesday, February 10
    by Benji Aliaga '17

    Arriving in Beijing there was definitely a layer of smog. I knew it was going to be there but I was still surprised, surprised in a way where you hear something that's true but can't actually register it till you see the evidence.


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