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The China Fieldwork Semester is an intensive project-based student research program in Xizhou, Yunnan. The program consists of a group of 11th and 12th grade students from Sidwell Friends and other US schools. Students work together in a research “collaboratory” housed in a historic residential facility.

Blog content shared here is a selection from personal reflections by students and faculty. Click here to see a video created by the students discussing their experiences. 

This is the third year the China Fieldwork Semester program has run. To read previous year's blogs, please click here.  

  • Arriving in Beijing and exploring feng shui.

    Posted: Wednesday, February 10
    by Benji Aliaga '17

    Arriving in Beijing there was definitely a layer of smog. I knew it was going to be there but I was still surprised, surprised in a way where you hear something that's true but can't actually register it till you see the evidence.


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