Student Publications

Horizon is Sidwell Friends' Upper School student newspaper, and it is published eight times per school year.

Horizon subscription rates:
1 year ($20)
2 years ($38)
3 years ($55)

To subscribe, please mail either cash or a check made payable to Sidwell Friends School and addressed to:

Horizon Newspaper
Sidwell Friends School
3825 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016


The Oat - The Oat is the Sidwell Upper School's premier humor publication. New issues come out approximately 8 times per school year. To purchase an advertisement or a subscription, please email us at . Submissions and donations are welcome.



Quarterly is Sidwell’s literary-arts magazine, published several times a year. Poems, stories, meditations, drawings and photographs written, done and taken by students (and teachers) decorate the pages of this magazine. Quarterly staff members gather to discuss the submissions for each issue, each of which is considered anonymously. Submissions from anyone in the Sidwell Upper School community can be sent to .

You can subscribe to Quarterly for $25, and issues will be sent in the mail. Your subscription helps pay for the publication costs of the magazine.