Web Policy Guidelines


The Sidwell Friends School Web site serves as a resource for individuals both inside and outside of the Sidwell Friends community.  The site functions as a central means of communication among faculty, staff, parents, students, and alumni. Prospective families and employees are also included in its target audience. Users are able to access up-to-date news, calendars, and schedules. The School’s philosophy, history, curriculum, admissions materials, and campus maps are also available on the website, as are employment listings.

In accordance with the Board of Trustees and Head of School’s request that the SFS Web site be treated as an official School publication, a part-time Web Coordinator was appointed during the 2000-2001 school year to serve as the monitor of the site.  The Coordinator is charged with regularly reviewing the School’s Web pages to ensure that the information presented is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date, and that design elements are uniform.  In addition, the Web Coordinator serves as the contact for any “visitors” who have questions about the site.  The Coordinator works with the Director of Information Technology and the website development company the School contracts with.

The Web Coordinator also maintains direct contact with each division and office of the School to ensure that the needs of their constituencies are being recognized and carried out.  The Coordinator assists with the creation, publishing, maintenance and updating of an office or division’s Web pages.  However, each office and division is responsible for reviewing its section of the site for currency of information and conformity with style regulations.  Faculty and students should direct comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, and requests concerning the site to their division’s technology coordinators and staff should contact the Web Coordinator.

Constituent Portals

The SFS Web site contains three password-protected portals intended to facilitate communication within and between its employee, parent, and student communities. The School has also created an online alumni community to allow former students to contact and communicate with one another, and to share alumni news and events.

Faculty/Staff Portal

The Faculty/Staff Portal serves as a resource and communication tool for SFS employees. The Portal contains links for accessing email, Educator Online, and Citrix, and includes electronic versions of such items as the Employee Handbook, the School logo, and various Business Office forms. Employees may also access customized calendars, news, class pages, and sports. Teachers manage their class pages from the Portal.

Parent Portal

This Portal serves as a resource and communication tool for SFS parents. It is a tool for the School administration and Parents Association to keep parents up-to-date on School events, PA activities, athletics, and other news. Parents can view academic, team or School calendars, access the PA newsletters, view or print the online Parent-Student Directory, and submit and update directory, emergency, and health information for their children. Parents may also access customized calendars, news, class pages, and sports.

Student Portal

This Portal serves as a resource and communication tool for SFS students. It is a tool for the School to keep students up-to-date on School events, activities, athletics, and other news. Students can check their email and access the Student-Parent Directory and the Parent-Student Handbook. Students may also access customized calendars, news, class pages, and sports.

Maintenance of Web site Content

In order that the site serves as a reliable resource for prospective students and employees, as well as for parents, current students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the academic community, it must contain timely information. Each office and division must review and maintain its section of the Web site and work to ensure that it is properly updated.

Persons wishing to post announcements on the home page should submit their request in writing to the Web Coordinator. Such postings are at the discretion of the Coordinator.

Class pages are created for faculty in all divisions. They may use their pages to post homework assignments, syllabi, class resources, photos, and other information for their classes. If faculty members have existing web pages hosted elsewhere, they may link to those pages from their class pages. Such pages are not subject to the site’s style specifications, although they must remain current and avoid dead links.

Photographs on the site are changed on a regular basis by the Web Coordinator and the appropriate offices and divisions of the School.

The Parents Association pages in the Parent Portal are managed by that organization. All submissions must be sent directly to the Parents Association Web Editor who works with the School Web Coordinator to maintain the site. Parents wishing to post information about specific students, teachers, staff members, courses or any school-sponsored program or activity, must first notify and gain advance permission from the students, teachers, coaches, and/or staff members involved.

Required Style Specifications

The general appearance of pages on the Web site is controlled by Cascading Style Sheets. Any new pages on the site must be duplicated from existing pages to ensure that the navigation, header, and style elements are consistent.

All pages on the Web site must comply with the following requirements:

  • To enable a faster downloading time, scanned photographs should be limited to 144 dpi.
  • Links to pages that are defunct or “under construction” should not be created.

No specific style requirements apply to personal Web pages posted on http://facultyandstaff.sidwell.edu.

Privacy Regulations

Personal contact information for students, parents, and employees, including home and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and other information that could be used by unauthorized individuals, will not be published on the public areas of the site. Parents who wish to post personal information on a homepage announcement may do so through the Web Coordinator. Student and parent contact information is available only to parents, students, and employees. Personal contact information for faculty and staff is only accessible to employees.

In order for student names, photographs and projects to be included on the public area of the SFS Web site, there must be a release signed by the student’s parent or legal guardian on file in the Business Office.

To prevent the association of names and faces, names of students should not be placed on the same Web pages as their photographs. The use of students’ last names is discouraged.


Unless approved by the Administrative Council, the advertising or direct sale of non-School related goods and services is prohibited on all sections of the Sidwell Friends School Web site. This also applies to personal Web pages that are hosted by the School’s site.


Posting or providing access to material that violates the copyrights of others is prohibited. No copyrighted materials, including educational materials subject to copyright, may be posted anywhere on the Sidwell Friends Web site, or on personal Web pages hosted by Sidwell Friends, without the authorization of the copyright owner. Knowingly providing links to Web sites that contain pirated materials is also prohibited. Anyone who repeatedly violates this rule may lose the right to have his or her materials hosted by Sidwell Friends or posted on the School’s site.

Anyone wishing to assert his or her copyright to original materials that he or she has placed on the Sidwell Friends Web site may include the following on the first page of the materials: “Copyright © 2007 [name].”

Acceptable Use

Sidwell Friends has adopted and enforces the standards set forth in these Web Policy Guidelines for materials posted on its Web site and on the personal Web pages that it hosts. The School reserves the right to remove or disable access to material that violates its acceptable use policies. However, the School does not assume any responsibility or liability for content provided by others, including content provided by faculty, staff, and students on their own personal Web pages, nor does Sidwell Friends assume any liability or responsibility for failure to enforce its acceptable use standards as set forth herein.