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Quaker Values

Sidwell Friends is a place where students and faculty thrive on deep and imaginative inquiry—both intellectual and ethical.
Sitting together in shared silence is the cornerstone of a Quaker education. Our students and faculty gather each week to listen and reflect.
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Students at all grade levels do their part to build community, both within our School and in the wider world.
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From the food we eat each day to the design of our buildings, we instill in our students an awareness of the earth’s limited resources.
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By studying cultures and languages from around the world, students develop perspective on their own beliefs.
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The belief that there is “that of God in everyone” is at the heart of our commitment to equity and social justice.
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Students develop questions that guide self-examination.
As natural disasters impact the world through the seasons, how can we hold those affected in the Light, and what action can we take to help them?

- Third Grade Students

How can we inspire people within our community to rebuild the hopes and spirits of those around us?

- 4th Grade Students

How can we set the story to guide us in the right path?

-Third Grade Students

How can we let the past guide us and look forward to the future while still being mindful in the present?

– 2nd Grade Students

As the end of the school year approaches, what choices can we make to keep friendships that will last a lifetime?

– 2nd grade students

How can we make sure to respect each other’s values while keeping our own opinions in perspective?

- Middle School Students

How can we look back on our past mistakes and accomplishments, and use them to help us make better choices in the future?

- Middle School Students

How can we help people who were affected by bad situations even if we don’t have money to donate?

- Middle School Students

Knowing that in our Sidwell community and in our world, we all make mistakes, how can we lift each other up instead of bringing each other down?

- Middle School Students

How can we focus on bigger issues in the world while also paying attention to the problems at school and in our community?

-Middle School Students

As a community, what are we doing to encourage members to embody integrity and simplicity in their everyday lives?

– Upper School Students

How do we take measure of past and present inequalities? How do we mend them?

– Upper School students

How can we comfort others during hardship when we ourselves need comfort?

– Upper School Students

Do we know how to ask for help?  Do we offer it enough?

– Upper School Students

How do we celebrate individuality and cultivate a sense of community?

– Upper School Students

Community Voices

Lower School

The joy of inquiry and exploration is instilled in our youngest learners.

Middle School

Growth and discovery take place in a supportive learning environment.

Upper School

Students are empowered to pursue their interests, both in and out of the classroom.


The impact of a Sidwell Friends education extends beyond graduation day.


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