Mask Optional Policy Delayed in Upper School


Last evening, COVID Response Coordinator Edie Goldberg sent a community update announcing that five Upper School students had tested positive for COVID. Four additional Upper Schoolers have since reported that they have tested positive for the virus. We hold these nine students in the Light for a speedy recovery.

Upon review and consultation late last night and early this morning, we have decided to require all Upper School students, faculty, and staff to wear masks indoors throughout this week.  All adults and Middle School students must wear masks when they enter the Upper School Building. Masks are currently available in the principals’ offices and at Health Services.

We will conduct surveillance testing when we return from break and, based on the results, will determine when we will begin the mask-optional policy for Upper School. 

We have received no reports of new COVID cases in the Lower or Middle School and will continue with our plans to be mask-optional in those divisions (aside from the MS provision outlined above).

Employees who work in non-academic divisions may follow the mask-optional policy when not working in Upper School spaces and/or with US students.

We will continue to monitor test positivity and case rates in each division and will, as we have done today, adjust as the data dictate. 

I’m sorry that we have had to change course on such short notice. I am hopeful that we will be able to fully implement the mask-optional policy after break. Please enjoy the time away.


In friendship,

Bryan Garman
Head of School