Upload Your Test Forms

Below are steps to upload your COVID test results. Please be sure to do so by the start of the week. If you have questions, contact the Health Services team at healthservices@sidwell.edu.

1. Log in to the Parent Portal

You can go to www.sidwell.edu/parent for the Parent Portal login.

Log in to the parent portal.

2. Go to Health Forms, the green button below QuakerZone.

Instructions to upload COVID test forms

3. Once in Magnus Health, select your child's name and forms.

Click the orange "Complete Now" button to go to your student's forms.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the list of forms.

This is the Student Health Tracker, where you upload your health forms. COVID tests results should be loaded at the bottom.

5. Upload your test results

Upload your COVID-19 PCR test results at the bottom of the page by clicking "Turn It In."

If you need more information, download this PDF.