Be SidWELL and keep our community safe! This campaign promotes health protocols and personal actions that we need everyone to follow in order to manage through pandemic. Remember: The precautions we take on campus are just as important as the ones we take off campus. Keeping safe is a community-wide effort. Thank you for doing your part!

Sidwell Friends School has a "No Mask, No Attendance" policy. Masks are required except during eating, drinking, administration of medication, and during outdoor activities when physical distancing can be observed.

Students, faculty, and staff should remain at least six feet apart whenever possible. Signs are posted on campus to direct foot traffic for entrances and exits, as well as in interior hallways. Additional physical distancing markers are present within buildings and outdoors as needed.

Handwashing is universally recognized as a best practice in reducing viral transmissions. We recommend that parents, especially those with younger students, begin practicing proper handwashing techniques before arriving at school.

Each day before arriving on campus, you’ll receive a unique link to a COVID-19 screening questionnaire through a web-based app called Ruvna. After filling out the questionnaire, you will receive instructions indicating whether your student is permitted to visit campus. If they are, the app will provide you with a QR code that you or your student will need to show in order to gain access to campus.

One important layer of Sidwell Friends School’s health and safety protocols is monthly COVID-19 PCR testing, which we offer on campus to help us identify asymptomatic cases and to establish a baseline for community health. All students and employees are required to complete monthly testing in order to work, learn, or play on campus. For a little more reassurance, faculty and staff have the option to test weekly and usually receive results within 1-2 days. Community members can log in at for the current schedule as well as for the updated testing dashboard.