Equity, Justice, and Community

At a time when individuals, families, communities, and countries are grappling with a range of social justice issues, Sidwell Friends remains committed to preparing students to be fully present in the world and to serve it. The School’s focus on equity, justice, and community is deeply grounded in the Quaker belief that there is “that of God” in everyone. Teachers and students enhance and enlarge our community’s understanding on issues of race, equality, and social justice through age-appropriate curricula, student clubs and affinity groups, parent affinity groups, speakers, exchanges, and community events.

Exploring questions about race, equality, and empowerment in the context of our community and the world shapes how we teach and learn. Students at Sidwell Friends are always looking for ways to raise awareness about political discourse and injustices that affect people around the globe. They learn to make sense of the larger world, to express themselves and their beliefs, to celebrate difference, and, above all, to listen to each other.

The annual Black Student Union Production

How do we create a community that privileges difference—where the experience of each child, parent, teacher, and staff is recognized and nurtured?

EJC Structures

  • Director of EJC
  • Board of Trustees EJC Committee
  • EJC Council
  • Lower, Middle, and Upper School EJC Coordinators
  • Lower, Middle, and Upper School EJC Committees
  • EJC Parent Committee
  • Parents of Asian Students
  • Parent of Black Students
  • Parents of Latino Students


Noemi Rodriguez

Lower School Equity, Justice, and Community Coordinator

Zaneta Chambers

LS Learning Support & LS EJC Co-Coordinator

Katarina Farah

Middle School Receptionist, MS EJC Coordinator

Sarah Markovits

US Choral Music Teacher & US EJC Coordinator

Natalie Randolph

Director of Equity, Justice & Community and Title IX Coordinator

I think the only way we can move forward—the only way I can move forward personally—is understanding people who don’t think the same way I do, and I think Sidwell really teaches you how to do that. It teaches you how to do it without compromising your own beliefs.–11TH GRADE STUDENT

Explore Equity, Justice, and Community in Our Classrooms