Signs of Life

Eight new signs at the Lower School celebrate not only Quaker testimonies, but collaboration, cooperation—and a lot of fun.

A Special Kind of Normal

New norms and old traditions merged as students returned to campus for the 2021/22 academic year. 

Grief By the Book

Merissa Nathan Gerson ’00 discussed how her new book "Forget Prayers, Bring Cake: A Single Woman's Guide to Grieving," helped her—and how she hopes it will help others

New Year, New Friends

We are excited to welcome new people to the Sidwell Friends community, as well as celebrate some old friends who are now in new positions. 

Grad Interrupted

The Class of 2020 returns to campus for an emotional tribute and joyous celebration.

A Mindful Classroom

Former Sidwell Friends teacher Richard Brady and Kim Seashore ’87 discuss the value of mindfulness—in life and in classrooms.

Lights in the Darkness

How Live in the Lights, a nonprofit started by Adie Selassie ’22, is enabling people along the Texas-Mexico border to access clean, reliable electricity.


Sidwell Social