Time to be Da22led

The latest entrants in the Sidwell Friends Alumni Network exuded radiance as they get ready to invent the stories of their lives.

Moving on Up

Sidwell Friends’ newest classes of Middle and Upper Schoolers celebrate their latest milestone.

The New Math

Layla Dawit ’22 wins an award and reflects the changing faces in STEM.

Face Time

Photography students launch an Inside Out art installation at Sidwell Friends.

Fields of Gold

The Lower School’s new sunflower project supports Ukrainian refugees.

2022 Commencement Speaker: Baratunde Thurston ’95

This year’s Commencement speaker will be Baratunde Thurston ’95. Humorist, author, television host and producer, podcaster, journalist, and more, Baratunde is both an insightful and witty commentator on matters of race, technology, democracy, and how we as citizens can be more engaged in building a better and more equitable future.

Careers That Feed the Soul

At Let Your Life Speak, alumni discuss the nonlinearity of life and why Upper Schoolers should follow their passions and values.

From Passion to Publication

How two Middle School students are trying to share their love of Chinese language and culture with a wide audience.

An Ocean of Statues Comes Alive

Upper Schoolers teach Lower Schoolers about one of Ancient China’s most awe-inspiring sites in an interdisciplinary, cross-divisional learning experience.

Optimism! It's Only a Play Away.

Two years to the day after the closing of the last Upper School musical, students re-took the stage to tell the classic tale of a community that wouldn't give up.

Getting the Joke

A Conversation with Friends features New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly ’73.

Pooling Their Talents

Four relay swimmers each gave up an individual event to best support the team—and it worked.

Two Teams, Two Championships

How an undefeated team and a buzzer-beating shot took both the boys' and girl's basketball teams to the top of the DCSAA tournament.

Extra! Extra!

The 5th grade launches its own newspaper.

Love Is an Open Door

Students let their love shine for an entire week of gratitude, appreciation, and fun.

Point of Pride

The newest Parents Association affinity group is ready to share information, support, and just plain fun.

Search For Safety

Upper School students grapple with the intricacies of the global refugee crisis.

'One Possession at a Time'

With grit, resilience, and determination, the Sidwell Friends girls' basketball team takes first in a nationally-broadcast tournament.

Virtual Gathering, Real-World Work

For the 2022 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service and Learning, the Sidwell Friends community gathered to learn, to share, and to serve. 

Continuing Revelation

Sidwell Friends faculty and staff gathered for professional development sessions with a uniquely Quaker point of view.

Let There Be Song!

With the return of live music, the hallways of Sidwell Friends echoed again with music.

'An Easy Team to Root For'

With an undefeated start and an award-winning coach, the Sidwell Friends girls' basketball team shows a commitment to teamwork, sacrifice, and character.

The Experts Are In ... The Upper School

In a special panel, Upper School students meet with Middle Schoolers to discuss mental health, social media, and what being an 'upstander' really means.

Retaking The Stage

As the theaters reopen, Middle and Upper School thespians shine in "The Mask Project" and "Puffs."

In Memoriam: Officer Andre Newman

Please join us in thanking the Newman family for Andre’s remarkable service and in holding them in the Light. Officer Newman invested himself fully in the Sidwell Friends community and will be deeply missed.

The Write Code

Second graders' stories are brought to life through rolling robots.

A Virtual Trip to China

Chinese IV students present their dream trips to China—with an eye towards making real-life connections.

Stories Everywhere

The award-winning author Matt de la Peña visited with each School division and the community at large to talk about finding himself in books, the freedom of low expectations, and how writers are made, not born.

Ghost in the Machine

Ken Hakuta P ’98, ’00, and ’02 takes the Sidwell Friends community along for a tour of the new Nam June Paik retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

A Challenge Like No Other

The largest gifts in Sidwell Friends history are setting the stage for a community fundraising challenge this fall. 

Dressed for Success

After a year-long delay, 8th grade Latin students get to take part in a fun (and fashionable) tradition.

In Sickness and in Health

Liza and John Marshall P ’14 discussed their new memoir Off Our Chests: A Candid Tour Through the World of Cancer—what they remember, what they regret, and what they'd never said to one another until now. 

Signs of Life

Eight new signs at the Lower School celebrate not only Quaker testimonies, but collaboration, cooperation—and a lot of fun.

A Special Kind of Normal

New norms and old traditions merged as students returned to campus for the 2021/22 academic year. 

Grief By the Book

Merissa Nathan Gerson ’00 discussed how her new book "Forget Prayers, Bring Cake: A Single Woman's Guide to Grieving," helped her—and how she hopes it will help others

New Year, New Friends

We are excited to welcome new people to the Sidwell Friends community, as well as celebrate some old friends who are now in new positions. 

Grad Interrupted

The Class of 2020 returns to campus for an emotional tribute and joyous celebration.

A Mindful Classroom

Former Sidwell Friends teacher Richard Brady and Kim Seashore ’87 discuss the value of mindfulness—in life and in classrooms.

Lights in the Darkness

How Live in the Lights, a nonprofit started by Adie Selassie ’22, is enabling people along the Texas-Mexico border to access clean, reliable electricity.


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