Celebrating Mamadou Guèye

Guèye told the more than 300 attendees that though his normal motto was “gratitude, generosity, and goodwill; tonight, it is gratitude, gratitude, and gratitude.”

2024 Commencement Speaker: Kelsey Wirth ’87

Kelsey Wirth ’87 will be this year’s Commencement speaker. A remarkable and successful entrepreneur who helped to improve the lives of tens of millions, Kelsey later turned her attention and boundless energy to create a grassroots movement to address climate change.

How to End Internet Addiction

Anthony Silard ’85 explains why the internet foments loneliness and anxiety—and what we can do to stop it.

Sidwell Friends on the Hill

Student advocates learn the ins and outs of lobbying Congress. Now they’re ready to make an impact.

Planning the Best City

When it comes to economic development, Bo Kemp ’87 understands the value of efficacy.

China’s Past Is Not a Secret

Journalist Ian Johnson explored the tension between China’s history and its present in his Zeidman Memorial Lecture.

Enter the Dragon!

This Lunar New Year—the year of the dragon—launched with a Lower School assembly filled with red ribbons, music, poetry, and dance.

Natural Bonds

The Black Girls’ Society reaches across School divisions to create community and pride.

Be a Signal in the Noise

Conversation With Friends welcomes Meredith Fineman ’05 to discuss her book, Brag Better.

Build the World You Want to Live In

Eboo Patel talked to the Sidwell Friends community about religious pluralism and how to create a better nation rather than tear down the status quo.

Court Report

Quaker basketball teams continue their winning ways.

Home Court Advantage

In the latest episode of Lives That Speak, Head of School Bryan Garman talks with two of our alumni coaches: boys' head basketball coach Eric Singletary, class of '93, and head tennis coach Logan West, class of '01. 

Counting Turtles

A group of Sidwell Friends students spend an educational week in Costa Rica.

Happy Holidays—Now with cats!

We have immense gratitude for this wonderful community. Please watch our merry (and meowy) holiday video, written entirely by Lower Schoolers, and see you in 2024!

An Artist With History

Rubenstein Guest Artist Nekisha Durrett’s work brings hidden stories to the fore.  

Fall For Sports

The season was marked by stand-out performances from girls’ tennis and boys’ soccer.

Triumphant Light

The all-School Diwali celebration was bigger than ever.

Honoring Sports

The School’s new Athletics Feature Wall celebrates history and achievement, honors leadership, and inspires future athletes to shine.

Food Service

The DC Regional Club and the School teamed up for a Sidwell Friends DC Food & Beverage Week. 

Pause and Reflect

A new group in the Lower School is practicing the Jewish tradition of Havdalah.

The Pilgrim

Kindergarten teacher Denise Coffin travels to England—and back in time—to bring Quakerism alive in the classroom.

This month, Sidwell Friends students repped their passions at the annual activities fair.

And We're Back

Sidwell Friends starts the year with diversity and celebration.

New Podcast: Ava Coleman ’11

In the latest episode of Lives That Speak, Head of School Bryan Garman talks with Ava Coleman ’11, the executive story editor for Abbott Elementary. Coleman talks about her quick rise in the entertainment industry, why she loves coming-of-age stories, and why the principal on Abbott is also named Ava Coleman. (The podcast was recorded on April 17, before the start of the Hollywood writers’ strike.)


For Sidwell Friends students across divisions, chess is the gambit.

Spring Fever

This season’s athletic highlights include new honors and achievements across sports.

Golden Anniversary

Reunion saw alumni return to campus for a weekend of celebration and reflection.

Voices Carry

Let Your Life Speak, Founder’s Day, and a push for financial aid came together for one powerful day of sharing, giving, and fun.

All the Light We Can See

The Middle School’s long-running Minimester program gets students out of the classroom and into the world.

2023 Commencement Speaker: Anand Giridharadas ‘99

This year’s Commencement speaker will be Anand Giridharadas ‘99. A journalist and author of remarkable breadth and insight, Anand has written compellingly of the pernicious effects of inequity in American society and the importance of bridging political and cultural differences.

China and Realpolitik

Zeidman lecturer Jessica Chen Weiss wants the United States to coexist with China—not beat it.

A Double Repeat for the Quakers

For the second year in a row, the Sidwell Friends boys’ and girls’ basketball teams have brought home championship trophies in the District of Columbia State Athletic Association (DCSAA) AA Tournament.

Just Breathe

The Lower School’s new mental health programs demonstrates the power of mindfulness.

Social Network

Growing up in the age of pervasive social media.

Art. Work.

Upper School students display their talents.

Visual Voice of the People

DC photographer Dee Dwyer talks to Middle Schoolers about her work and recent rise to prominence.

All Wins, All Weekend

Both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams took home double the victories.

Foxbot Power

How Quaker values helped a group of Middle Schoolers shine at a robotics competition.

Modern Biology

For some 9th graders, Bio1A is the chance to be a scientist.

Shine Brightly Together

Whether you celebrate holidays at this time of year, or just take a long break with your near and your dear, we wish you nothing but happiness each day and each night, as Star Fox and Sidwell Friends hold you all in the light.

A Novel Idea

Can Middle and Upper Schoolers write a book in one month? Can faculty and staff?

The Scholar Athlete

Walter Rouse ’19, now a Stanford senior, is a finalist for the Campbell Trophy.

The Joy of Service

How one parent went from chaperone to CEO and taught an important life lesson about making a difference.

Into the Infinite

This year’s Rubenstein Guest Artist Kenzo Digital ’98 has altered the New York skyline with an immersive experience that will challenge your sense of the physical world.

Feeding the Sharks

Upper School entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to real experts.

Sports Lessons

Student athletes demonstrate the value of leadership across disciplines.

Together, At Home

The community gathers for games, food, fellowship, and a homecoming for the ages.

Together We Shine

The School launches a historic campaign to light the way forward.

Whirled Peace

The Lower School puts their spin on a pinwheel art installation.

China By Way of DC

Students leave the classroom for a weekend of real-world experiences.

Let Them Eat Popsicles!

Last Friday afternoon, Sidwell Friends parents, students, teachers, and friends came together on a warm and sunny September day for a back-to-school picnic that featured a bouncy house, arts and crafts, games, and burgers and hotdogs. 

Flying Lessons

In an age of anxiety, Sidwell Friends teachers and staff learn how to embrace struggle—not avoid it.

Meet and Teach

A new school year, a new crop of teachers, and a new opportunity to transform minds.

China in Harper’s Ferry

From The Washington Post: How Chinese teacher John Flower moved a traditional farmhouse to West Virginia plank by plank. 

In Tribute: Michele Tucker Jeffery ’68

Sidwell Friends Schools is mourning the loss of a remarkable alumna, parent, and staff member whose 41-year tenure with the School touched the lives of two generations of students and their families and made an indelible impact on her colleagues.

How Will You Lead?

Sidwell Friends School and Howard University invite you to connect with fellow education professionals in a rich and meaningful dialogue about race, equity, and justice in school communities.

Galaxy Quest

In the latest episode of the Lives that Speak podcast, Head of School Bryan Garman talks with Andrea Johnson Razzaghi ’78, the newly named director of the NASA Office of JPL Management Oversight at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Time to be Da22led

The latest entrants in the Sidwell Friends Alumni Network exuded radiance as they get ready to invent the stories of their lives.

Moving on Up

Sidwell Friends’ newest classes of Middle and Upper Schoolers celebrate their latest milestone.


The New Math

Layla Dawit ’22 wins an award and reflects the changing faces in STEM.

Face Time

Photography students launch an Inside Out art installation at Sidwell Friends.

Fields of Gold

The Lower School’s new sunflower project supports Ukrainian refugees.

Sidwell Social