Art. Work.

Art. Work.
Art. Work.

Upper School students display their talents.

The Upper School Art Show has been on display in the Kogod Arts Center throughout the winter, and it is an illuminating peek into the artistic curriculum at Sidwell Friends. “Art is life—and the students spent a good part of their lives making these artworks,” says Catherine Dunn, the Upper School art teacher. “It shows how they really observed and worked with what they saw.” For the Advanced Art students, they spent a good part of the fall out in the hallways, working on their big charcoal drawings. “They worked boldly out in public rather than tucked away in the classroom,” says Dunn. Meanwhile, the drawing classes combined observations from life with their imaginations, and the digital art pieces were incredibly labor-intensive and required a real commitment to the process. As for Dunn: “I am thrilled with what everyone created.” Catch the thrill with this slideshow.

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