Community Comes Together

Community Comes Together
Community Comes Together

The generosity of the Sidwell Friends community has once again proved its commitment to diversity and equity with a successful 48 Hours of Scholars event to raise money for financial aid. In reaching for this critical fundraising goal, friends of the School have demonstrated how this community succeeds when united in a common cause. Now, more talented students can attend Sidwell Friends regardless of financial need.

We all know that Sidwell Friends offers an exceptional education, thanks to an incredible faculty, dedicated coaches, a first-rate staff, and initiatives that nourish every athletic and intellectual impulse—from robotics to the arts to basketball. But the School offers something else as well: gifted students from neighborhoods across the region. One-quarter of the students at Sidwell Friends receive financial aid, and the average amount per family is $32,000. Imagine if one-quarter of the voices, conversations, and debates at Sidwell Friends simply weren’t there. The School would not be the same.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, alum, or teacher, Sidwell Friends deeply appreciates your commitment to diversity, economic inclusion, and a wide range of lived experiences. You have helped Sidwell Friends ensure that cost is not a barrier to learning.

The School is so grateful to all the parents, grandparents, students, alumni, and faculty and staff who made gifts, spread the word, challenged one another to give, and matched others’ generosity throughout the 48 hours. Together, you make it possible for students to shine brightly together.

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