Extra! Extra!

The 5th grade launches its own newspaper.

The Monthly 5th Grade News isn’t the first newspaper that Maya ’29 has started. She has plenty of experience.

“Last summer, I started a newspaper reporting about my family, and that was really fun,” Maya says. “It was just about basic stuff, like my dad planting grass seed in the backyard.”

Now Maya has turned her journalistic eye toward the 5th grade with her newspaper, which released its second edition in February. Features can include artwork and poetry by other 5th graders; the top story in this issue is about student pets, particularly ones acquired during the pandemic. Kenny the cat, owned by Maggie ’29, was the paper’s lead image.

“I know that people really like talking about their pets,” Maya says. “So, I thought people would be very enthusiastic about that.”

She was right. Out of the 50 students in the 5th grade surveyed, 36 had some kind of pet. (One respondent cheekily answered “no, but yes if my brother counts.”)

Of course, publishing a newspaper isn’t something that Maya could do alone, so she posted fliers asking interested students to contact her. Theo ’29 joined her as a reporter and conducted the interviews for the pet story.

“I like writing, and it also seemed like a cool idea,” he said. “I always wanted to do something like this.” Theo also suggested the theme for the upcoming March edition, which will be about anime and online gaming.

Maya is still looking for 5th grade contributors looking to share their writing or artwork; she wants to grow her team along with her readership grows.

“I hope that readers find it enjoyable and think, ‘Wow, this is really interesting,’” she said. “I want them to say, ‘This is a really cool thing, and I think I either want to help with this or learn more about it.’”




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