Five Sidwell Friends Faculty Members Recognized with the University of Chicago's Outstanding Educator Award

The University of Chicago recently presented five members of the Sidwell Friends faculty (four current and one retired) with its Outstanding Educator Award. The university asked students accepted into the school’s class of 2024 to nominate an educator whose guidance has helped them along the path toward intellectual growth; the students nominated math teacher and baseball coach Jon Mormino, science teacher Laura Barrosse-Antle, math teacher Maria Koziebrodzka, French teacher Claudine Macé, and retired English teacher Dan Entwisle.

“It means at least one 2020 Sidwell alum thought Calculus I went well last year!” Mormino jokes. “In seriousness, I’m very grateful to the student who nominated me.” (Mormino and the other winners will be able to read parts of their nomination letters as part of their award.)

Koziebrodzka is pleased to be recognized but finds the rewards of the classroom more meaningful than any external reward.

“Teaching math has always been my passion,” Koziebrodzka says. “I find it hard to realize that these are, most probably, my last years of teaching mathematics—I’ve taught it for over 40 years at the high school and university level. If you love doing something, you hope you’ll do it forever.”

Mormino feels the same way. “My uncle once told me that for work you should try to discover the thing you like best and find someone willing to pay you to do it,” Mormino says. “Teaching and coaching are awesome, and I’m grateful to Sidwell for giving me a paycheck for doing both.”

Koziebrodzka is also happy that a few of her Upper School colleagues are being recognized for the excellence one finds across the School’s faculty. “They are all highly educated professionals, and we share many, if not all, views regarding education,” she says. “If Sidwell Friends is a great School, it’s because of teachers like the other four who were awarded” (humbly leaving herself out).

The entire Sidwell Friends community congratulates the five winners—and the rest of the faculty, who all strive to bring the best of themselves into their classrooms.

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