Hungry to Help

Camilla ’32 and Georgina ’30 are sisters. It shows when discussing the Distance Learning Plan.

“I’d rather be at school,” Georgina says.

“I like it,” says Camilla. “I’d rather stay at home.”

“You’re crazy,” said Georgina.

One thing the girls do agree on is keeping up the spirit of service they’ve learned at Sidwell Friends. They donated some of their Easter candy to first-responders, and Georgina made masks for a friend who’s a doctor. Their regular project, though, is making sandwiches for longtime Sidwell Friends partner Martha’s Table.

“Every other Saturday, we make about 35 sandwiches,” Georgina says. “We also don’t just give the sandwiches. We also give crackers with cheese and chips, and Oreos that are in little bags.”

“It feels good when we’re helping,” says Camilla. “We want to make more, because it’s fun to make them.”

Though the girls will never meet those they’re helping, they do think of and wonder about them.

“If I met a person who gets the sandwiches,” Georgina says, “I would say, ‘How are you feeling? Are the sandwiches good?’”

“I would say, ‘Do you like it?’ Camilla says. “’Do you want more, or do you want a different type?’”

Camilla also has some advice for anyone who thinks they’re too young to help others: “Just try something to help people, like make sandwiches,” she says. “Maybe they won’t like it. But when they try it one more time, they will like it.”

For her part, Georgina has a response to any adult who thinks that small hands can’t do big things: “Well, if you come to my house and you see what I can do, you might believe in me.”

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