Taking a Stand for Human Rights

Massive crowds in DC and across the country took a stand for social justice.

Massive crowds in DC and across the country took a stand for social justice at the Women’s March on January 21, including a large contingent of the SFS community. “I felt so empowered seeing 500,000 women and men all marching together for one purpose,” said Mia Gleklen ’19.

“The march provided us with inspiration through positive interactions,” said LS technology coordinator Jenni Voorhees, as well as “the chance to sing and share concerns together [in] awe-inspiring numbers.” In addition to marching, many in our community hosted family and friends who came to town for the historic gathering. SFS alumni were also out in force at the event, and many of them attended a special Meeting for Worship on campus the following morning.

We’re proud of our marchers and of Vanessa Wruble ’92, who helped organize the day’s activities (see Vogue’s story about that effort). Were you there? We invite students, alumni, and faculty who took part to send photos of themselves at the march to communications@sidwell.edu, and we’ll add them to our gallery.

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