'They'll Be Washing Their Hands With Love'

Gabi Green ’25 has a goal. A big one. She wants her organization, Soaps For a Purpose, to deliver 5,000 bags of soap—15,000 soaps total—to essential workers and those in need. Each bag contains three handmade soaps and a handwritten note that she calls “a daily dose of happiness." The idea was born by watching the health care providers who cared for her father.

“In March, my dad passed away in Georgetown Hospital,” Gabi says. “I had been spending a lot of time in the hospital with him, and I was really impressed with the healthcare workers. It was amazing how these people are so dedicated to their jobs—and that was before the coronavirus had gotten to the point where we’re in quarantine.” That’s when she realized, “now they’re probably working twice as hard.”

Gabi, along with a team of friends, is providing the unscented, organic soaps and notes to any organization that can use them. She has already donated 30 bags to MedStar in Chevy Chase, 10 to Gerlein Orthodontics, and 20 bags to The Brooks, a short-term housing facility for families. Her next donation is slated for the Sasha Bruce House, a youth homeless shelter.

Gabi is also using her for-profit Etsy shop, Handmade Crafts by Gabi, to get even more soaps out there; she’ll be donating a portion of her profits to Soaps For a Purpose. 

Making soap has given Gabi some peace in what, for her, is an especially difficult time.

“Before quarantine, my life was very complicated and very busy, especially with everything going on with my dad and school and sports,” she says. “Now I feel like it’s the opposite. We’re getting a lot of family time, which is really nice, and we have a lot of time to think and process everything that’s going on, instead of just rushing around in our normal lives.”

Making soap, Gabi says, also reminds her of the special connection she shared with her father.

“I’ve always liked starting small businesses; that’s just kind of what I do in my free time besides play crazy amounts of soccer,” she says. “He would always be my first customer. When I do entrepreneurial things or things to help others, I feel especially connected to him.”

Even the shape of the soaps is meaningful. “The soaps are heart-shaped,” she said. “People will be washing their hands with love.”

With the guidance of the School’s Center for Ethical Leadership, we have launched the Friends In Deed campaign to support our students with needed supplies to continue their great work with lifesaving service to our local communities.

Gabi would particularly like to thank the following classmates for their support in this project:

Katie Diamond ’25
Ben Kang ’25

Caroline Bailen ’25
Luc Beck ’25
Ilaria Luna ’25
Nora Tsai ’25
Leia Neilson ’25
Carys Kang ’26



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