Photo of the Week: One-Acts Festival Ends TODAY

Maddie Ray ’20, Matthew Johnson ’20 and Samuel Mitchell ’20 perform in The Land of Cockaigne by David Ives during the Upper School One-Acts Festival this weekend. The three-scene play depicts one summer birthday party from three different perspectives. You can see the last two performances of The Land of Cockaigne, as well as English Made Simple by David Ives and Proof by David Auburn, today at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m.; click here for tickets. Note: Due to language and subject matter, the performances may not be suitable for all ages.

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National Issues, Local Impact

The Upper School elective "Metropolitan Policy and the DMV" leads Upper Schoolers to find the problems in their own town—and inspires them to find equitable, ethical solutions. 

Attention, All Superwomen!

In a Conversation with Friends, Adama Konteh Hamadi ’04 and Helen Li ‘04 discuss how to put away the cape, live intentionally, and find clarity and purpose in chaotic times.

The Tides of March

A new approach to minimester meant that the 5th grade got immersed in the study of water.

Uniting Against Anti-Asian Violence

Together let us hold in the Light the victims of last night’s Atlanta area murders. Their families and communities have our deepest sympathies. Sidwell Friends School wholly condemns this violence and deplores the ongoing racism committed against Asian Americans.

Uniting Against Anti-Asian Racism

Sidwell Friends has an obligation to confront and teach this history and unequivocally condemns the ongoing presence of anti-Asian racism.  As a Quaker school, we must eliminate hate, deepen understanding, and promote unity in diversity.