Students Share Community and Gratitude with Bread Feast

This Lower School tradition started by PK teacher Pat Froehlicher has been celebrated for more than 30 years.

By Denise Coffin, Lower School faculty

The Breadfeast has a long history at Lower School. It is celebrated and beloved by the PK, K, and 1st grade classes.

The Breadfeast tradition was started by PK teacher Pat Froehlicher more than 30 years ago. She thought it would be wonderful for the youngest children to gather together to share community and gratitude by making bread for each other.

Each of the classes bakes a few small loaves of different types of bread and then gathers on the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving break to celebrate. Students and teachers sit together in the multipurpose room. Seating is assigned randomly – the students make placemats, which the teachers shuffle and then set them out. All the different loaves of bread are cut, a variety is put on platters which are distributed throughout the room.

Breadfeast continues to be a wonderful time for teachers and the youngest students to gather as a school community to celebrate Thanksgiving. For pictures from the gathering, click here.

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