Service Learning

Sidwell Friends School aims to graduate students who are actively engaged in the world and think critically about what is going on around them, who ask about the root causes of injustices, who have the tools to act on their ideas, and who are empathetic, collaborative, and reflective.

Our service program embraces the Quaker values of justice, peace, community, stewardship, and equity. These ideals are taught through a lens of critical service learning, an approach that helps our School community engage responsibly and intentionally with the global community.

Students and faculty in PK–12 collaborate with local and global nonprofit organizations that focus on a range of social justice issues. We aim to serve our community partners while also working toward specific academic learning goals and providing opportunities for student reflection and lifelong action.

Quakerism has taught me to care for others, to help other people at all times. ... It made me think about how other people’s lives affect my life and how my life affects other people’s.– 10th Grade Student