Strategic Plan

Lead in the Light: Empowering Students to Let Their Lives Speak lays out the priorities for Sidwell Friends over the next five to seven years.


It places students firmly at the center of goals designed to enhance our ability to deliver Quaker education in the nation’s capital at this particular moment in history. Developed in response to the School's extraordinary opportunity to purchase property next to our campus, the strategic plan consists of four goals:

Unify Our Campus

With the purchase of the Washington Home and 3939 Wisconsin Avenue, we have the opportunity to unite all PK–12 students on the DC campus. To ensure that the new campus best serves all students, the School will

  • Create a campus master plan that takes into account our surrounding neighborhood as well as future and flexible uses of School facilities, relying on research-based conclusions to create an optimal learning environment and promoting collaboration between the divisions.
  • Strengthen culture, community, and communications between students, parents, alumni, faculty, and all other School constituencies.

  • Create dynamic new spaces to encourage the highest levels of learning and teaching, while maintaining fidelity to Quaker simplicity and financial and environmental stewardship and minimizing disruption to student life.

Imagine the Future of Learning

Sidwell Friends offers a world-class education, where teachers and students work together to foster curiosity, leadership, and love of learning. To make sure our students continue to learn and lead at the highest levels, we must prepare for the ways learning and education will evolve by investing in our teachers. We will

  • Create a space and fund a program to support faculty research, experimentation, and professional development, including but not limited to opportunities presented by technology, brain-based research, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural studies, and service learning.
  • Revise schedules to respond to student needs and program flexibility.
  • Establish and endow highly competitive and market-based faculty, coach, and staff compensation and benefits so that these members of our community can live comfortably within our greater community.
  • Design and implement a dynamic recruitment plan to attract and retain highly competent, motivated, and diverse faculty and staff.
  • Establish orientation and ongoing professional development programs and faculty/staff evaluation models.
  • Inspire Ethical Leadership

    Consistent with our Quaker values and at a time when those values are sorely needed, the School will identify and pursue opportunities for students to develop a foundation for disciplined intellectual inquiry and creativity in the arts, sound ethical decision making and leadership, and a desire to have a positive impact on the world. To that end, the School will

    • Establish a physical space and endow a signature program that strengthens the Quaker connection between intellectual engagement and social witness.
    • Embrace the Quaker tenet of simplicity while carrying out the tenets of the strategic plan.
    • Honor, as our Diversity Statement affirms, a “multiplicity of voices” and recognize that “differences among us enhance intellectual inquiry, expand understanding, and deepen empathy.”
    • Design and implement meaningful parent and alumni engagement opportunities that inform the School’s programs, promote open conversation and exchange, and expand the understanding of the School’s Quaker heritage.

    Welcome a Wider Community

    We are committed to offering a Sidwell Friends education to the region’s most-talented students, regardless of their socioeconomic status. But we cannot take future success for granted, despite our tradition of excellence and commitment to accessibility. We will

    • Build an endowment to support a financial aid policy that makes permanent our mission to recruit remarkably talented, economically diverse students and invests in programs and services to promote their success.
    • Identify and implement strategies for additional endowment growth and cost reduction to establish a more stable and predictable tuition-pricing model.
    • Build a culture that advances and celebrates philanthropy and recognizes its value in and consistency with the Quaker tradition.
    • Use our real estate holdings to generate auxiliary revenue and reduce tuition dependence.