Unify Our Campus

We will unify our campus to connect our whole community, so that students, preK to 12, find joy in friendship, inspiration from different perspectives, and the Light within each other.

How and where we build our beloved community matters. From the youngest student to the most experienced teacher, our culture of learning is built one child, one relationship at a time. Children are maturing into adults under the pressure of perceived societal norms and cultural expectations—all rapidly compounded by the pace of technology. It has grown vitally important for us to examine the quality of our relationships and get back to connecting on a human level.

Although the School has educated primary grade students since its beginning, the Lower School campus has been located in Maryland for the past 55 years. The recent additions of the Upton Street and 3939 Wisconsin Avenue properties present an opportunity to locate all three divisions on one campus, thereby bringing the benefits of a more cohesive preK-12 education that many in our community have experienced or heard about elsewhere. Proximity strengthens relationships. Strong relationships undeniably provide a foundation for meaningful learning.

Surrounding all students—younger and older from different backgrounds—with equally enthusiastic peers will motivate every student to give their best effort. The love of discovery deepens when we learn from those we admire. Connecting our community promises to promote more cross-divisional faculty collaboration and a sense of common purpose with shared resources. In the long run, this move will strengthen the School’s financial position.

We will:

  • Plan a capital campaign to fund the addition and renovation of the Upton Street property so that the new Upper School and all-School library open in September 2024.
  • Create welcoming spaces that enhance learning, foster positive relationships, and strengthen our role as a national leader in environmental sustainability.
  • Deliberately assess the relationship between learning and architecture in order to design spaces that positively affect and influence our daily outlook on learning.
  • Create programs and events that strengthen a culture of collaboration and community across divisions so that all students, faculty, and staff feel they belong.
  • Promote and support health and wellness through age-appropriate programs to encourage students to lead thoughtful, centered, and balanced lives.
  • Strengthen bonds with our extended community by engaging the imagination and hearts of alumni, parents, and friends.
  • Recognize the accomplishments of students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as acts of generosity, in manners consistent with Quaker values.

Unify Our Campus

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