Professional Development

At Sidwell Friends, we invest in our teachers. Through a diverse offering of professional development opportunities, our faculty and staff demonstrate the same growth mindset they aim to instill in our students. Our offerings include

  • Faculty Venture Grants: Teachers receive summer stipends while engaging in curriculum development projects of their own design. Funds for related travel, technology, consultants, and supplies are also available.
  • Faculty/Staff Education Grants: Employees are eligible for up to $10,000/year toward tuition for advanced degrees and other coursework.
  • Sabbaticals: Teachers with at least 10 years of full-time consecutive service to Sidwell Friends are eligible for a half-year sabbatical at full pay or a year-long sabbatical at half-pay. Additional funds are available to support sabbatical-related travel.
  • Faculty Summer Travel Grants: Teachers with more than five years of experience are eligible to apply for funds for travel related to their area of professional expertise.
  • Additional funds are available to support registration for and travel to professional conferences.

The professional development opportunities and ongoing support I have had to continue my growth as a teacher at Sidwell Friends have been nothing short of remarkable. As a teacher at SFS, I have the luxury of immersing myself in ideas, stretching myself to take new perspectives, challenging myself to ask deeper questions, and receiving all the support I need to keep learning.– Lower School Teacher

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