College Counseling

The College Counseling program at Sidwell Friends offers students access to a wide array of resources to help them identify colleges that best fit their unique talents and interests so they may “let their lives speak.” With our college counselors as their guides, students take ownership of the college admissions process and embrace it as a journey of self-discovery. Learning to truly understand themselves is vital not only to an appropriate college search but also to a successful transition into the beginning stages of adulthood. Regular, individual meetings with college counselors, as well as open and honest communication between counselors, students, and parents/guardians, are key components of this process. We are honored and excited to be part of this journey in the lives of our students as they take this important next step into the world.

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College Counseling Staff

Laurén Carter

Director of College Counseling

Matt Cunningham

Associate Director College Counseling

Lauren Fields

Associate Director College Counseling

Danita Salone

Associate Director College Counseling