Global Citizenship

Sidwell Friends students learn about other cultures and global interconnections across the curriculum and in all divisions of the School, from the earliest grades through graduation.

The School’s global programs are designed to build on this strong academic foundation, augmenting and complementing the curriculum with cultural activities, virtual exchanges, travel experiences, school-to-school collaborations, experiential fieldwork, and other activities that put learning and Quaker values into practice through global service. These programs prepare students for responsible global citizenship by

  • fostering self-awareness, empathy, cultural understanding, and respect for difference;
  • raising critical awareness of our community’s global position of power and privilege;
  • decentering students and challenging worldviews in which they are the focal point;
  • creating an environment in which learning carries an imperative of moral action, inspiring students to let their lives speak; and
  • promoting sustainable development through programs that improve living and environmental conditions worldwide and that build long-term institutional and human relationships.

Chinese Studies

The John Fisher Zeidman '79 Chinese Studies Program

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