Lower School

Lower School is alive with the joyous spirit of children learning.

As winter turns to spring, how can we not only look out for ourselves and others, but also be better stewards of our environment?

– Fourth Grade Students

As the seasons change, how can we change our actions to show more kindness toward others?

– Second Grade Students

How can we be mindful that we are part of many communities?

– Third Grade Students

How can we see problems as opportunities?

– Second Grade Students

How can we be mindful of our actions and DO what we say? 

– Second Grade Students

The Lower School nurtures students’ creativity and sense of wonder as the first steps on a path toward lifelong learning. Quaker values inform every aspect of our school day, inspiring students to see how kindness and empathy can shape their lives, our community, and the world.

Children inherently understand Quaker values like equity and justice, and they are awed by nature and the environment. The Lower School nurtures Quaker values in our children and allows them to carry that understanding deep within.– Lower School Parent

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