Middle School

Exploration and discovery take center stage in Middle School.

How can we take action instead of just talking?

-Middle School Students

How can we discuss opposing viewpoints while maintaining peace in our community?

- Middle School Students

How can we sustain order in our community while the world is in chaos?

-Middle School Students

In these dark, winter days, who or what do we hold in the light? 

-Middle School Students

How can we think ahead while living in the moment?

-Middle School Students

In Middle School, teaching and learning occur against the backdrop of students’ incredible physical and social growth. Middle Schoolers take risks and try new things, learning through both successes and challenges. In keeping with the school’s Quaker values, the Middle School faculty respects and honors students’ emerging identities and interests, and we work hard to support students as they navigate these new experiences.

Middle School students deepen and strengthen their academic skills as they tackle larger questions about themselves and the world. Their classes and the school’s unique 5/6 and 7/8 structures reflect this growing independence while still providing appropriate support. When students leave Middle School, they take with them the tools they need to communicate, analyze, question, critique, and interpret information and ideas as engaged community members and active citizens.

Middle School seamlessly and magically bridges childhood and adolescence. It is fascinating how the school guides the transition with such joy.

– Middle School Parent

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