Upper School

In Upper School, students thrive in an intellectual and creative community.

"What is the importance of understanding that some identities are socially constructed? What is the importance of understanding the history of those social constructions?"

-Upper School Students for EJC Day

"What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation." -Glenn Close How can we implement this idea into our community?

-Upper School Students for Mental Health Awareness Week

How will you counter the incidents of hatred and violence? How do we work intentionally to not normalize violence, discrimination, and oppression? How can we be allies and advocates for one another at Sidwell Friends?

- Upper School Students

How should we respond to someone sharing their truth? How do we reckon with truth even if it makes us uncomfortable?

– Upper School Students

What makes you sad at the end of the school year? What makes you happy?

– Upper School Students

Upper School students immerse themselves in a warm and engaging environment that inspires authentic inquiry, serious scholarship, and deep reflection. Because there is no single path for students to follow, the Upper School cultivates a strong sense of student independence. We empower students to pursue their own passions, and we equip them with the critical tools and skills they need both inside the classroom and beyond our school walls.

Our students share a profound commitment to Quaker values, which form the foundation for our community, including a genuine respect for oneself and for others, personal integrity, and a collaborative stewardship of our world.

The lessons I learned and the friendships I formed in the Upper School extend well beyond the classroom. My time at Sidwell Friends expanded my worldview by constantly pushing me to hone my moral compass and beliefs, and my teachers instilled in me the importance of thinking critically, synthesizing information, and being a lifelong learner—skills that still serve me to this day.

– Alex Sharata ’14

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