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Grad Interrupted

The Class of 2020 returns to campus for an emotional tribute and joyous celebration.

A Mindful Classroom

Former Sidwell Friends teacher Richard Brady and Kim Seashore ’87 discuss the value of mindfulness—in life and in classrooms.

Letter Perfect

Dax-Devlon Ross ’93, Gareth Schweitzer ’95, and Sophia Houdaigui ’17 discuss Ross’s new book and its calls to action in a cross-generational Conversation with Friends. 

The Fire Within

Mei Xu (P ’19, ’21) discusses memory, candles, innovation, and the bamboo ceiling at a recent Conversations with Friends.

The Message, Not the Medium

Sidwell Friends guest artist Suzanne Firstenberg delivers the Rubenstein lecture and tackles the pandemic, empathy, and thousands of unfinished stories.

5 Questions With...Silvana Niazi

Meet Silvana Niazi, the inaugural Señora Guillermina Medrano de Supervía Endowed Faculty Chair for Spanish and Latin American Studies.

Phone a Friend

Elsa Walsh (P ’94, ’15) and Bob Woodward (P’ 94, ’15) discuss his surprising and contentious relationship with Donald Trump and much more during a Conversation with Friends.

Attention, All Superwomen!

In a Conversation with Friends, Adama Konteh Hamadi ’04 and Helen Li ‘04 discuss how to put away the cape, live intentionally, and find clarity and purpose in chaotic times.