Lives That Speak

In this new series, we share stories of how alumni
let their lives speak and the unexpected twists and tales
of life after Sidwell Friends. 

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J. Bradford DeLong ’78

Andrea Johnson Razzaghi ’78

Jon Bernthal ’95

Liz Kleinrock ’05

Sonya Clark ’85

Baratunde Thurston ’95

Kathryn Bostic

David Fischer ’90

Anand Giridharadas ’99

Dan Goldman ’94

Vidisha Dehejia Patel ’81

Natalie Randolph ’98

Kim R. Ford ’99

Mason Morfit ’93

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Galaxy Quest
By Sacha Zimmerman

NASA’s Andrea Johnson Razzaghi ’78 on the vastness of deep space, practicing for failure, the scariest seven minutes in engineering, and why you should always stop and smell the science.

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Power to the Students
By Sacha Zimmerman

Liz Kleinrock ’05 on creating an anti-racist classroom, tossing out standardized curricula, empowering kids, dismantling the model-minority myth, and purging capitalism-fueled grind culture.

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