No Better Moment

No Better Moment

A Q&A with Movers & Quakers Clerk Albert Small ’09

Inspired by the opportunity for young alumni to take an active role in Sidwell Friend’s future, Albert Small ’09 became the inaugural clerk of Movers and Quakers. The group recognizes and honors young alumni as emerging philanthropic leaders. Through gifts to The Sidwell Friends Fund, members support the School’s highest priorities, which include financial aid for students, providing faculty with professional development opportunities, and creating engaging experiences for students. The group also comes together for special networking and social events. Here, Albert talks about why he felt this was exactly the right time to get involved.

Q. What inspired you to serve as the inaugural clerk of Movers and Quakers?

A. I saw it as an opportunity to re-engage with my classmates, peers, and fellow alumni at a pivotal moment for Sidwell Friends. I have been incredibly moved by several of the initiatives laid out by Head of School Bryan Garman and recognize that Sidwell is taking a massive leap forward as a leader in secondary education. I felt there was no better moment to lend a hand when it mattered most and to encourage my peers to get involved too.  

Q. Why is young alumni giving significant?

Young alumni giving is a crucial component—both for the near- and long-term success of the School. By contributing in this way alumni can stay involved and participate, building a level of engagement that hopefully continues long after graduation.  

Q. What excites you most about Movers and Quakers?

A. Sidwell has had a tremendous impact on my life—both during my time as a student and post-graduation. Some of my closest friendships and strongest relationships were formed at Sidwell. This School not only affords students an incredible education, but more importantly it teaches individuals how to critically think—and to be active, positive contributors to society. That’s why I give. I’m excited to work with my peers and fellow alumni to build a culture of involvement and philanthropy to continue making a direct impact on Sidwell Friends School for future generations!

Alumni in their first 5 to 20 years since graduation from Sidwell Friends are eligible to join Movers and Quakers, with a one-time or monthly recurring gift to The Sidwell Friends Fund. As of March 15, 2023 we have welcomed 128 Movers and Quakers, which is approximately 6 percent of the young alumni population. To learn more and get involved, visit Movers and Quakers.


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