Summer with Friends

Summer with Friends

This summer, we welcomed hundreds of alumni, past parents, and friends from across the country in seven different locations to rekindle the bond with Sidwell Friends School.  We gathered together under warm hospitality and in celebration and reflection of our Quaker education and values. Attendees reminisced, shared stories and laughter, and rekindled friendships. Sidwell Friends brought us back together with purpose, meaning, and joy!

These events over the summer gave us the opportunity share with our friends near and far what our students are experiencing, how faculty are teaching and exploring, and how our campus is preparing for significant transformation over the coming years.

Bryan Garman and other leaders of the School joined each event to raise awareness about the importance of the Strategic Plan and our historic Campaign.“I was excited to participate in the Campaign and host an event to help us share the strategic vision for the school and our astounding progress to date”, says Marta Ferro ‘89. Alumni had the opportunity to ask questions, deepen their understanding of our vision and goals, and learn how they can connect with one another as well as current students. Additional events will be planned across the country throughout the fall and winter.

We previewed our Campaign announcement with our alumni at each event and are excited to officially announce the success of the Campaign to-date at Homecoming this October 14-16!

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