Alumni Faculty Spotlight: Dolores Hamilton ’90

Alumni Faculty Spotlight: Dolores Hamilton ’90

Who are you/what is your current role in the community? When did you graduate/how long did you attend Sidwell Friends?

I’m Dolores Hamilton and I teach math in the Upper School. I graduated from Sidwell Friends in 1990. I entered in my 10th grade year.

What do you love about the Sidwell Friends community? How is it unique?

Sidwell is such an amazing place. If you asked people what Sidwell is most known for, or what type of student best ‘represents’ the school, you’d probably get a completely different answer from everyone!

We are rich in diversity. Whether your interests lie in arts, sports, chess, robotics—we got you!

What extracurricular activities were you involved with during your time as a Sidwell Friends student?

As a student here, my passion was sports. Our basketball team had a particularly heated rivalry with another independent school so I loved how pumped the team would get before we played them.

What do you enjoy about being part of the community as a faculty member?

As a new faculty member at Sidwell, I can’t rave enough about my colleagues. My math colleagues, whom I spend lots of time with, are some of the best, talented, and welcoming people on the planet.

This year I’m teaching two sections of Precalculus B and two sections of Calculus I. I love how I’m able to meet students at their mathematical comfort level and witness their success. The students work collaboratively and consistently elevate each other.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

If I’m not working, you can find me at the local animal shelter. I am passionate about animals -- especially dogs. I’m a regular volunteer and I spend hours walking/interacting with both adoptable dogs as well as dogs who have been seized due to abuse or neglect. It goes without saying that I have rescue dogs and require that my entire family adopt their pets, too.

While I don’t expect others to spend their time at animal shelters, I’m hoping they find their own passion in service so they, too, can become stewards of the community.


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