Regional Clubs

Be a part of your regional Sidwell Friends club. With alumni across the country and around the globe, you can celebrate Sidwell Friends with fellow alumni wherever you are!

To enhance your engagement with the School and your local alumni, consider joining one of our regional club committees. Committee members

  • Serve as a liaison between the school and alumni in your region,
  • Work with other alumni to organize and host receptions, informal gatherings, and professional programs,
  • Serve as a resource to college-aged alumni in the area and to new alumni who have relocated to your region,
  • Engage on social media,
  • Participate in the Annual Fund at a level that is comfortable for you, and 
  • Represent Sidwell Friends in your community!


Ashley Doherty

Assistant Director of Alumni Class and Affinity Programs

Clerk:  Jason Horowitz ’82

Los Angeles

Clerk: Marta Ferro '89

San Francisco

Clerks: Natalie Vicas ’12, Christopher Williams ’09

New York City

Clerks: Ryan Allman ’07, Lindsay Johnson ’07


Clerk: Susan Popkin Cahn '82


Clerks: Jennifer Esch ’05, Julia Aledort Gaebler ’87


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