Performing Arts

All Lower School students perform in concerts as well as in annual class plays, many of which the students write themselves. Singing, creative movement, and playing instruments are all part of life in the Lower School.

In Middle School, all students take classes in vocal music, instrumental music, and drama. Music classes include music theory, composition, technique, and performance preparation. The drama program features an annual play and a musical.

Upper School students may pursue theater arts, including acting and technical theater. Young musicians join the jazz ensemble or play in the chamber orchestra. Students interested in vocal music sing in the chorus or chamber chorus. Dance is offered as part of the physical education program.

Co-curricular and extracurricular offerings are an important part of the performing arts program. Each year, the Upper School produces one-act plays, full-length plays, and a musical. The jazz ensemble, chamber orchestra, and choruses offer concerts twice a year, in addition to performing in other locations ranging from the National Cathedral to New Orleans jazz halls to the Prague Music Festival. Students also lead performing arts extracurricular activities.

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US and 7/8 Grade Choral and Ensemble Concert

US Fall Play: Clue

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