Athletics at Sidwell Friends

Being at Sidwell has helped me become more active because I got to try out many sports, and when I finally got to choose one I really enjoyed it. … It’s not just exercising and getting fit—it’s learning to be on a team, which is really important even with group work in the classroom. Being on a sports team helps me use those skills and apply it to the classroom. – 8th Grade Student


John Square

John Square joined Sidwell Friends School as the David Pearson ’52 Athletic Director in 2022. John previously served at George Washington University as a member of the senior leadership team as the senior associate athletics director of internal operations. He has had broad management responsibility for the department’s operations, budget, strategic plan execution, diversity and inclusion programs, and NCAA and Athletic 10 Conference compliance. He was sports administrator for several men’s and women’s teams and represented the Atlantic 10 Conference on the NCAA's Strategic Vision and Planning Committee.


As a member of the Sidwell Friends Athletics community, I will strive every day to live up to the expectations of our department by embracing the following values:


I will lead by example and hold myself and my teammates accountable to highest standards of conduct on and off the playing field. I will work to bring out the best in others.


I will compete with discipline and grit and every day demonstrate my loyalty to the team by showing that I am in control of my attitudes, my efforts, and my body language.


I will respect the game, my teammates, our opponents, the referees, and the fans before, during, and after any competition, regardless of the outcome. 


I will play with purpose and pride and push myself and my teammates to be the best that we can be.


I will compete with a shared commitment to the team and will work to keep my teammates on the right track.


I will be disciplined in my pursuit of excellence and the success of my team and my teammates.


I will work each day to create a space of equal opportunity for everyone, of respect for others and for self, of common goals, and of open communication.