Program and Philosophy


Physical education and athletics are an integral part of the Sidwell Friends curriculum and an important component of every student’s educational experience. We remain dedicated to developing students who are physically active and healthy in outlook and committed to a balanced lifestyle as the basis for sustaining a strong and clear mind. We encourage our students to experience the challenges and joys of athletic competition as a learning experience—one that requires each participant to strive to excel while also committing to a community of persons with a common goal. We recognize that many of the traits and skills necessary for athletic success—commitment, teamwork, resilience, communication, perseverance—also are fundamental for success in life and further acknowledge that students often develop important aspects of their leadership abilities on the playing field. We value the health, developmental, and spiritual benefits derived from participation, at all levels, in a broad range of physical education activities. We seek to promote an environment that emphasizes fair play, integrity, sportsmanship, learning, and overall health and wellness for a purposeful life.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, March 13, 2014


In order to foster and sustain a vibrant and successful physical education and athletics program at Sidwell Friends, the following represent institutional goals as part of the overall education we provide to our students:

  • Uphold the mission of the School and the principles and rules of our leagues
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards and practices through encouragement and positive leadership
  • Provide equitable athletic and physical education opportunities for girls and boys giving equal emphasis to girls’ and boys’ sports within the School community
  • Foster Sidwell Friends’ community of integrity, respect, and trust
  • Encourage students of diverse abilities and promote an environment of inclusion
  • Ensure that our coaches are recognized as educators first, dedicated to the learning experience of all students in their care
  • Support the program in its efforts to reach appropriately high levels of performance with quality staffing, facilities, equipment, and community engagement

Approved by the Board of Trustees, March 13, 2014


As an institution and a community, we clarify and affirm our commitment to the following:

  • We consider physical activity, growth, and well-being of the individual student to be important components of Sidwell Friends’ educational mission.
  • We seek to maintain a balanced culture that promotes and supports the pursuit of both academic and athletic excellence and fosters the intellectual, physical, and personal development of each student.
  • We expect our students to participate in a range of physical education and athletic experiences appropriate to their stage of development.
  • We believe that the physical education and athletics program should be seen as a complement to, enhancement of, and integral component in the academic and social community by all persons associated with Sidwell Friends.
  • We support healthy competition as consistent with our core Quaker values of integrity, ethical practices, and respect for others.
  • We expect student athletes and athletic teams to play to win. While victories are by no means our only measure of success, they are benchmarks of excellence that we strive for in all of our endeavors.
  • We are determined to provide the best athletic experience possible while upholding the academic integrity of the School.
  • We recognize that athletics are but one of the many individual talents we respect and seek to nurture within our diverse community.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, March 13, 2014