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Senior Editorial Board
Emily Fagell
Abbey Kim
Eleanor Walsh
Managing Editor
Alexi Weinberg

Section Editors
Astor Lu
Maddie Mohamadi
Livia Sanchez
Ava Partridge
George Wilson
Witt Giannini
Matthew Gilbert
Sara Jones
Olivia Field
Julia Patton
Zach Gayer
Danny Werner

Photo Editors
Lauren Hurley
Claudia Labson

Business Managers
Cameron Adler
Karenna Warden

Faculty Advisor
Soon Wiley

Editorial Statement
Campus journalism offers a special way of looking at Sidwell Friends and the people who give it life every day. A newspaper can make accessible, engaging and influential those facts and theories among us that might otherwise remain opaque, obscure or hidden.

Horizon’s 2019-2020 staff aspires to demonstrate in these pages the continuing relevance of words in print, and the scribe’s mode of observing Sidwell at work and at leisure: to do so candidly and tastefully, with a good-natured tolerance for the likelihood of sometimes sharply differing perspectives and in harmony with our best understanding of the law.

All this we propose to do while respecting the rights of our readers, correspondents, advertisers, advisers and writers of letters to the editors. We aim to produce a free and responsible Horizon, a task that no one living in our tormented times would claim is easy but which is our duty to address.

Our Policy
Horizon will not publish any writing considered to be defamatory, in poor taste or inappropriate. All articles are subject to final review by the faculty advisor. Opinion and review-style articles reflect the views of their respective writers.

Editors-in-Chief can be contacted through email: akim21@sidwell.eduefagell21@sidwell.eduewalsh21@sidwell.edu.