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Welcome, Parents and Guardians!

The Parents and Guardians of Alumni group supports the continuation of parents’ connection with the Sidwell Friends community. Whether you enjoy speaker series, games, theater, or community service, you can stay connected with our community and the friends you made along the way.

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Ashley Doherty

Assistant Director of Alumni Class and Affinity Programs

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Have you moved recently? Changed your email address? You can update your information here.

Get Involved

To learn more about the ways in which Parents and Guardians of Alumni can volunteer on and off campus, email or call 202-537-8148.

Annual Fund

Please let us know if you would like to assist in raising funds for student financial aid and faculty professional development.


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Next-to-New Committee

Our annual secondhand sale to raise funds for scholarships requires the help of hundreds of volunteers! Please let us know if you're willing to lend a hand!


Parents and Guardians of Alumni Steering Committee

A steering committee composed of representatives from different classes works with the director of parent relations to plan activities and share information with Parents and Guardians of Alumni.


Gretchen Brevnov (Gyorgy Brevnov '16, Anatoly Brevnov '17)
Yvette Collymore (Justin Lobe '16)
June Das Gupta (Gayatri Das Gupta '13)
Barbara Delaney (Dylan Roman ’08, Nick Roman ’11, Wes Roman ’11)
Liz Feldman (Elias Feldman '13, Moses Feldman '16)
John Feldman (Elias Feldman '13, Moses Feldman '16)
Raina Fishbane (Emma Walker '14, Jacob Walker '16)
Fatim Haidara (Selly Sallah '13, Abass Sallah '17)
Laura Handman (Charlotte Ickes '04)
Meg Hauge (David Hauge '16)
Lauren Hill '83 (Julian Bradford-Hill '08, Jordan Merlin-Jones '16)
Rahn Jackson (Joelle Jackson '15)
Michael Karam (Meredith Karam ’03 )
Bob Levey (Emily Levey '00, Allie Levey '05)
Ming Lowe (Saw Lowe ’09 )
Edith Michel (Malik Russell ’11)
Juliette Milushev (Palmena Milusheva ’02, Svetoslava Milusheva ’06)
Barbara Mulitz (Grant Mulitz-Schimel '13)
Melinda Pierce ( James Woodwell '14)
Elissa Powell ( Samuel Powell '05, Lucy Powell '08, Susan Powell '16)
Deborah Smith (Andrew Smith Herman ’06, Robia Smith Herman ’07, Nicholas Smith Herman ’09)
Cynthia Terrell (Savanna Richie '12, Lucas Richie '14, Rebecca Richie '16)
Judith Thompkins (Jesse Thompkins '99 )

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